What is a rolling admission in US universities ?


Some universities/programs in US say that they have rolling admissions. What does this mean ?

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Rolling basis means first-come first-served, basically. Your application is viewed and evaluated as it comes in. And a decision will be made within a certain turnaround time. It could be weeks, or months, etc., depending on the school. I would recommend you contact the school to know of their timeline. Please note rolling basis still has a deadline.

I personally like that kind of admission because it gives you some benefits. First, you maybe able to get priorities in Housing and other things you will have to line up for. Some schools want to limit their class size too, so if you apply as soon as possible, it will work towards your advantage. However, there are cases you may want to consider postponing your application, such as you need time to improve your grades, retaking tests, etc.

Especially in rolling basis, compete your application. Because when it isn’t and you have to submit additional information or documents, your application is back on the shelf and you will be stuck at the end of the waiting line again.

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