What is a standard GRE score for admission in University of California-Irvine for Computer Science and Engineering?


I’m looking into the University of California-Irvine to get my computer science masters degree. I wanted to know what the admission and GRE requirements are. If there isn’t any requirement, what is a good score to have since UC schools can be very competitive to get into?

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For University of California-Irvine below are the admission requirements:

The University accepts the applications from September 1 to January 15 every year. Application contains the statement of purpose (SoP) sections itself. It means you will not be required to submit the SoP separately.

University of California requires all the applicants to take general GRE exam test. Subject GRE test is not required. However, it is recommended that the applicants having no background in computer science, applying for CS program, should appear in the subject GRE test. Moreover, there is no minimum GRE score requirement. GMAT can not be submitted as a substitute of GRE.

Applicants must submit official copies of all the transcripts if they want their application to be entertained as photocopies are not acceptable.

Three letters of recommendation are required for the admission, but students can submit as many letters as they want.

I hope the above information is sufficient to fulfill the admission purpose of your brother. You can also visit the website of university by yourself.

Link is http://www.cs.uci.edu/professional-master-of-computer-science/


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University of California Irvine and other UC campuses don’t have any GRE standard score requirement. They’re stricter on international students with regards to their English proficiency though. So, if you’re an international student from a country that doesn’t predominantly speak in English, you’ll have to take TOEFL, IELTS or PTE.

Other things are pretty standard for the application though. Fill in the application form and send in the scores of the GRE and English proficiency (if needed), resume, and transcripts. The statement of purpose is part of the application form so you won’t need to send that in separately.

Hope this helps!!!

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There isn’t a minimum GRE score requirement for applying in University of California Irvine’s graduate program in Computer Science. It is still part of the requirement to complete the application process along with the application form, transcripts and letters of recommendation.

But, keep in mind that you would also need a minimum GPA of 3.5 on a 4.0 scale.

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The California-Irvine University in Computer science and Engineering is mainly concerned with the design, analysis and implementation of computer systems as well as the use of computation,as it is applied in the everyday world.Core areas of research includes artificial intelligence and machine learning, bioinformatics, computer engineering, graphics and visual computing, data bases and information management, multimedia, networked and distributed networks, programming languages and compilers, security and cryptography, algorithm design and analysis, computational computing, and omnipresent computing.


Application deadline for Computer science and Engineering at California-Irvine

Computer Science and Engineering application deadline at California-Irvine is April 15.


Other admission requirements for Computer science and Engineering are,

  •  Online application fees
  • Completion of Bachelor’s degree from recognized university with comparable degree requirements to University of  California’s.
  • Standardized test scores
  • letters of recommendation
  • Transcripts


Their is no minimum GRE scores are required for Computer science and Engineering at California-Irvine.


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