What is the cost of doing MS in US ?


I want to know the total expenses of doing Masters in US including stay, for an international student.


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This is a broad question because it depends on the program, the school, and the location. On average, annual tuition at public colleges and universities totals nearly $30,000 and at private schools nearly $40,000. But tuition seems to increase by 3-4% every year, based on my experience. And don’t forget living expenses add up a lot. Always budget extra for the rainy days and don’t underestimate how costly studying abroad could be.

Let’s say if you live in NYC, rent could go up to $1,500 a month, and living expense $1,500. But rent in Baltimore, MD is $600 a month, and month spending sometimes falls around $700-800 a month.

Of course, if you manage to live within your means of living everywhere is fine. Just do some research beforehand. That being said, tuition for a 2 year MBA at an Ivy League school is around $55,000/year. That makes up $110,000 for the whole program. Adding living expenses, books, housing, transportation, etc. make sure you budget around $140k – 150k. Some programs such as Certificate or Part-time programs cost by the number of units you take, so normally that is $1,200 – $1,500 a unit. As an international student, you have to enroll full time but sometimes unless you’re on different visas and not F1.

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