What are the GRE score and admission requirements at Emory University for Computer Science and Engineering?


I’ve recently received my undergraduate degree in Computer Science and Engineering. I want to increase my knowledge in the field by taking up my masters. I know that I’m very competent as I received high grades in my undergraduate studies. Emory University seems to be the likely choice for me since I have a lot of things to consider. I want to know all the prerequisites to get admission and what are the requirements related to GRE score?

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Congrats to your sister for completing her undergraduate with flying colours. For the admission requirements of Emory University, we have gathered below mentioned details for you:

An applicant must have:

  • Knowledge of general purpose programming language i.e. Java or C++.
  • Knowledge of Data Structure and algorithms which should be comparable to Emory’s 323 CS course.
  • TOEFL score falling between or above the scale of 85-90 (in case of a foreign student).

Other general requirements to get admission in MS computer science at Emory’s are:

Transcripts: Student must upload the scanned transcript copies of all previously attended post-secondary institutions. Applicants are advised not to mail their paper transcripts unless they are specifically asked for.

GRE Score: University does not have any minimum GRE score requirement, but high score is always preferable. Moreover, low score in GRE test can be overlooked if any student have good accomplishments in other aspects of the application.

Statement of Purpose: This must cover a brief autobiography, areas of interest that your study would focus, future plans for research in your subjects, and your previous research experience leading you to pursue the graduate studies.

Resume’: A latest CV or resume’ should also be uploaded.

Letters of recommendation: Three letters of recommendation are required from the people who are aware of student’s academic performance.

Fee: 75$ application fee must be paid along with application.

Hope the above information helps you in your admission.
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Emory University’s graduate program doesn’t include MS in computer science and engineering. They do offer Master in CS with a concentration on data science, biomedical, or computational science.

Other requirements for Emory University’s ms in computer science include:
-statement of purpose
-letters of recommendation

There’s no minimum GRE score requirement, but as most ms programs are very competitive, your sister should try to aim for the highest possible score. Also, if you have time on your hands, you can actually try and contact the admissions office. They should be able to provide you with a value for GRE scores.

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The Emory Laney Graduate School only offers computer science with three different concentrations with none of them being in engineering. You should also look into Georgia Tech if you’re looking for good graduate programs in Computer Science and Engineering.

The GRE scored required isn’t listed on their website but with the average score of those accepted is 154 Verbal and 164 Quantitative. Depending on the concentration, your sister might also be required to take a GRE subject and not just the GRE: general test.

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