Which universities in US accept transfer students from international students ?


I am curious to know which universities accept transfer students from other countries for eg if I study engineering for 2 years in my home country and then request for transfer to another US university in same branch, how is it possible ?

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What do you mean by the same “branch”?

The short answer is: all universities accept transfer students.

The long answer is: it depends on what university you want to transfer to and what they have as requirements to obtain an Engineering degree. In your strategy, the most important thing is to find a school that accepts as many credits as you have already earned back home, so you don’t end up retaking classes of the same materials and waste money on that. Unless your goal is just to be admitted into an American university and take it easy while adapting to the life here or learning English.

One major different thing between and American Bachelor’s degree and, let’s say, an Indian Bachelor’s degree is that in America, you have to take core classes in everything such as Literature, Art, etc., even though Engineering is ultimately what you want to do. These required core classes should be taken during the first and/or second year of your 4-year college. After that you start declaring your major, and start taking Engineering classes. So it all depends on at what point in time you want to transfer in, you will have to retake a few classes, while waive a few others.

Depending on your objective, you will be able to find the school(s) that fits you best!!

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