Why do admission consultants do not suggest applying to US universities ?


I am a student in India and I talked to a educational consultant about my higher education plan. They suggested me some universities in UK and some in Australia. They did not knew much about universities in US and advised against applying citing visa issue, jobs and recession.  I am not sure of what he is saying is correct or not. Not sure why he is not encouraging me to apply to US universities.


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Universities and colleges in UK, Canada, New Zealand , Australia and a host of other countries rely on admission consultants or agents to help them recruit international students. The idea is that from each country a student comes from, there are challenges and high costs associated with marketing , branding and recruitment. It is cheaper and easier for colleges in these countries to get students through agents. Now the universities assume that the consultant or agent will work with the best international for students. But that is not the case.
These agents get cut from the first year tuition of the student. Sometimes they charge the student as well as take commission from university. Since the livelihood of admission consultants depend on the commission given by university when a student gets admitted, they tend to favor universities which offer them best commission.
In US, most of the colleges and universities especially all public universities are banned from use of agents. Hence these agents do not advise you to go for US universities.

Some statistics :

Year 2011-2012 : 228,467 International students enrolled in US. The number swelled to 250,920 in 2012-2013.

Business and Management with enrollment of 178,984 attracted the highest number of students in 2012-2013. On the heels was Engineering at 151,186 followed by Math and Computer Science at 77,650.

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    I did not know schools in the US are banned from using agents! That's good information. And it's the matter of supply and demand too. And the US is always in high demand and super high in volume, so you actually have to fight for a spot in a good university. That means you're going to have to put in hard work instead of having an agent doing it for you. That's my take on it!
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