Research Assistantship in US colleges


research Assistanthip in US colleges

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The study in the US is very expensive for international students. So most of the students hunt for some kind of financial assistance for international students in the US to support their studies. Financial aid in the USA offered to international student varies from college, university, department and the level of study. It is extremely competitive. Financial Assistantship can be need-based or merit-based. Generally, international students get financial assistance on the basis of merit rather than need. Each and every university/college has its own policies for financial assistance for international students.

For example at Texas A&M University, Graduate students may be hired as Research Assistants. They are paid on monthly basis and they have to work on an average of twenty hours per week. If any graduate student interested in an assistantship, he/she should contact the graduate advisor for help. To know more about  Research Assistantship visit Texas A& M University visit website.

In North Carolina State University, electrical and Computer Engineering Department offers financial aid in the form of teaching and research assistantship.R research assistantships are granted directly from faculty to students who are interested in working on projects in the faculty’s area and for which he/she has funding. One can directly contact the faculty in the area of interest. To know more about  Research Assistantship visit North Carolina State University  website

Who can apply for Research Assistantship?

There are greater chances of obtaining financial aid for those international students, who have:

  • Evidence of a high level of academic achievement
  • Some Specialization or research interests in the intended field of study.
  • Some prior research or teaching experience.
  • Outstanding letter of recommendation and an impressive statement of purpose
  • Commitment and motivation in the intended field of study.

Things to remember while applying for Research Assistantship:

It is strongly recommended that one should follow these simple rules before applying and contacting the faculty of the intended department.

  • Remember, when you applied for admission, your application should be considered for funding.
  • Your application should be reviewed from the faculty of your area of interest.
  • You should do a thorough study of the faculty member to know his/her recent interests and publications.
  • Send an email to the faculty member(s) of the department in which you wish to pursue your education and be very specific about your interest.
  • Remember, do not overemphasize your experience or ability.



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