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For students who wish to pursue Masters in US in civil engineering, here is a sample Statement of purpose (SOP) by one of the prospective students. Can you point out what is incorrect in this SOP and how can it be improved ?

My desire and the motivation behind graduation in civil engineering can be undoubtedly related to the idea of giving something to the society. I worked hard to get into the college of my choice and the day I got admitted into the ______ College, it gave a further boost to my desire to learn more about the subject. The labs, the field work and the testing machines all got me interested a lot.
After getting my place secured in one of the toughest courses Engineering has to offer, I focused on what I was going to do next. In reality, CE appeared to be a lot more different than what I had previously imagined. It was more competitive, demanding and challenging. My sole aim was to gather in-depth knowledge and understand the basics of the subject. The role of my professors is perhaps the biggest in helping me understand all the concepts of the subjects. They were ready to help whenever I needed it.
When I completed two years of my Graduate program, I had fair knowledge of the subject and where it might lead me in the future. The scope and area of application of civil engineering is probably more than any other subject today. It requires a great deal of patience, attention to detail and perseverance. My college helped me to develop all those qualities through hard work and constant evaluation. The Internship program in third year of my Graduate program also gave a very good idea of the workings and the code in which work is done at an actual construction site. The kind of exposure I received through the internship got e further interested in the research aspect of civil engineering.
Now, at this point in my career, I am certain that a Master’s program would help me in the further application of the knowledge and skill that I have attained during the course of my Graduation, which is why I am applying for your esteemed college. The research facilities of your college paired up with the unparalleled faculty members is an icing on the cake for my Master’s degree.
I am confident that I will rise up to the standards set by your University for an ideal student. I believe that our future can be made better by working towards it and your college would be an ideal place for me to enhance my skills and increase my knowledge.
Thank you for entertaining my application.
[Your Name]

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