Sample Statement of Purpose from an International Applicant applying to a Canadian University

A statement of purpose is one of the most crucial admission documents that determines a student’s chance of being admitted to a particular program. It highlights a student’s intent, aspirations, and expectations of the program they are applying for. In addition, it offers one of the best chances to outshine and stand apart from the others during the admissions.

A standard statement of purpose is usually 400-500 words long. Students are expected to give a concrete yet concise explanation of their desire to be a part of a specific program. SOPs vary for different universities and programs since the admission processes of every university are distinct.

However, a common factor that binds all SOPs across programs and universities is intent. The purpose or intent on the part of the student should be clear. From wanting to be a part of a specific program to expressing the ambition of getting admitted to that particular university, one’s SOP should reflect on these points clearly and strongly. 

Here’s a sample statement of Purpose from an International applicant applying for a Master’s in Fine Arts in Creative Writing program at a Canadian university:

Dear Admissions Committee,

I am an avid believer in the fact that words hold the ability to transport, transpire, and translate emotions. Anyone who has known me in a personal capacity can vouch for the fact that the best form of expression I am capable of is penning my thoughts down. As someone who aspires to use my writing potential to the best of my ability, I am confident that my qualifications will paint a clear picture for you to consider when evaluating applications for your MFA in a creative writing graduate program.

Talking about myself, I am Betty Young, a 21-year native from the United Kingdom. My years of undergraduate learning taught me that stories matter, stories of all kinds as they cut across time and geographies. By being in the top 10 percent of my graduating class at the undergraduate level, I have easily distinguished myself from my contemporaries.

In moments of love and laughter, as well as the ones of discomfort and incomprehensible plights, “writing” helps me sail through. The Masters in Creative Writing Course offered by your university is one of the most sought-after courses that shall allow me to understand the intricacies of the process of writing, various genres, and most importantly, a medium to celebrate words that hold the power to transform lives. The opportunity of being around writers from different ethnicities, geographies, and perspectives assimilating to pen down their thoughts together to grow and thrive is what the course will give me a chance to do. 

As I think of why I am the ideal candidate for this program, the fact that keeps recurring in my mind is that the best way I know to express myself is through my writing. From making use of every single opportunity to express myself through different mediums in my three years of undergraduate learning to aspiring to be a writer of stories that cater to all narratives that have remained unsung, this program is the connecting thread that joins my aspirations and dreams to reality. 

I believe every individual can touch the sky with feet on the ground, for the world needs us to be empathetic and thrive together. Words hold emotions and people together. It is just a part of a much bigger dream that I wish to live if I get admitted to the Master in Creative Writing course. At the end of the day, we all — you and I and millions like us are here to tell a story that appeals to our hearts, and in our hearts, we know that the world needs to know about it. I wish to share all such stories through the magical course of creative writing. 

With this, I thank you for your time and consideration.

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