Sample Statement of Purpose from International Student

Greetings Admissions Committee;

Those who know me best, would agree that I’m an overachieving goal-oriented, and highly driven young man. Yet, an applicant of my caliber can easily become intimidated during this admissions process. This is why countless hours were spent contemplating the most effective approach in conveying my value as an international University of Columbia graduate. As an inspiring Corporate Attorney and life-long honor student, my confidence lays in the belief that my attributes will naturally project a vivid picture to assist in the consideration of my candidacy, for your graduate program.

From the very beginning, until now, every sacrifice made during my academic life, has led me to this highly anticipated introduction. My name is Dominique Le’day, a 22 year old native from  Madrid, Spain. I am an avid business student with an impressive reputation for exhibiting result driven ambition. I have effortlessly stood apart from my peers by maintaining a top 10 percentile of my graduating class at, Universidad Politécnica de Valencia.  As my fellow classmates were engaging in counterproductive activities, I continued to invest in my education and future career. My parents have shown their support by completely funding my education. This includes tuition and living expenses, allowing me to solely focus on making my mark in life. They have worked hard my entire life, to assure I receive the best education from the Ivy League College of my choice.

My academic track record has opened many professional doors for me in America. I have played critical roles in preparing attorneys for litigation while overseeing teams of paralegals, when I served as a virtual legal administrator. As a project manager for ACR Engineering, I set a high standard for those project managers who will succeed me in the future by completing project before expected deadline. Such accomplishments were done virtually from my home in Spain, which adds more complexity to each position. My work ethic derives  naturally from my motivation to succeed in life. When it comes to success, I do not stop at myself.  I also desire  the success of my affiliates, colleagues and teammates. Currently, I volunteer as a business coach, assisting individuals in acquiring the vital aspects essential for the today’s business world.

I take pride in conducting classes which teach leadership skills crucial for business operations. My team and I contribute to the productivity of start-up businesses, by utilizing innovative methods I adopted throughout my personal research. My clients are taught time-management skills, problem solving techniques, crisis prevention and self-improvement through means of motivation and goal setting.

If given the chance, I’ll prove to be the complete package as a participant of your legal program. American law firms are now realizing the importance of an attorney possessing both legal and business knowledge. I have acquired such knowledge through my academic years. I understand that Business Law is now a diverse industry which requires a selection of skills and education in order for a firm to thrive at it’s potential. Your graduate program is known for it’s ability to produce high level, competent professionals.

During my research of University of Columbia, I found your notable alumni, which entails the likings of American President, Barack Obama, is one I fit perfectly into. Only you, admittance committee of University of Columbia, have the power to provide me with the opportunity of one day becoming an addition to your notable alumni. My academic journey has one final destination. That destination is 116th St & Broadway, New York, NY 1002. Here lays the institution where extraordinary people like me, are the provided the chance of accomplishing extraordinary things. I was born to be a University of Columbia extraordinaire.

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