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The more words you know, the more clearly and powerfully you will think and the more ideas you will invite into your mind.

– Wilfred Funk

No doubt words are one of our chief means of adjusting and creating new ideas in life. The better control we have over words, the more successful we are in our SAT vocabulary. There are many means and ways wherein you can learn powerful new words through focused learning. In my earlier post of Etymology (also sometimes referred to as base words), root words were talked about as the basis to many common everyday words. You can find some additional tips on  How to Keep Building your Vocabulary. In this post, however, we come across through the traditional method of building ‘Word lists’ which would help you broaden your knowledge of words and ideas, particularly from the SAT practice perspective.

We would start with some easy to medium level words  list (with images and examples) rolling on to harder ones in the subsequent posts…

1)      Divisive

Adjective: Tending to cause disagreement, discord or hostility between people; division

Synonyms: Discordant; disruptive

a) George Parker, the head of the Washington Teachers’ Union, said that Michelle Rhee’s resignation would help end divisiveness in the DC school system.

b) The loudest voices we hear are those who advocate conflict, divisiveness.

2)      Erratic            

Adjective: Not even or regular in pattern or movement; unpredictable

Synonyms: changeable; inconsistent

a) Although it might not be apparent to you, your child’s diet could be to blame for erratic behavior or inexplicable mood swings.

b) After I drove the car for prolonged periods of time, it would begin to stall and jerk, and run very erratically.

3) Disparage

Verb: to say uncomplimentary things about, usually in a somewhat indirect way; tending to belittle or bring reproach upon

Synonyms:  ridicule, discredit, mock, demean, denounce, derogate.

a)      The mayor disparaged our efforts to beautify the town square by saying that the flower bed we had planted looked somewhat tarnished.

b) As adults ,we have a duty to encourage, not disparage children.

4) Abdicate

Verb: to give up or refuse to fulfill a responsibility or position.

Synonyms: surrender, renounce, withdraw

a)      The Maori King has threatened to abdicate his title if his tribal members did not fall back into line.

b) Some wanted Edward to speak in Parliament and voluntarily abdicate, while others argued for life imprisonment.

5) Abhor

Verb: Regard with disgust and hatred

Synonyms: detest, loathe, hate, scorn

a)  I abhor books with spelling errors.

b) Companies abhor dishonesty and value creativity.

6) Abort

Verb: to end or cause to end before completion or full growth

Synonyms: interrupt, nullify, arrest, check, scrap

a)      The helicopter attacked the pirates by firing on them, forcing them to abort the hijack attempt and escape from there.

b)      I use this emergency abort button to get back to my active work when my system gets hanged.

7) Absolve



Verb: to free or release from blame, guilt, responsibility or obligation.

Synonyms: discharge, forgive, liberate, exonerate

a)      One cannot condemn or absolve anyone on the basis of rushed opinions

b)      The two groups are trying to absolve themselves of blame by deflecting the responsibility to some other party.

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