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If you listen carefully to the conversations around you, you will hear inconsistent and incomplete structures all the time particularly in lively or heated discussion:

“Omigod! It is like… not really the best, but, I… well…”

“The Lakers are… They must be… Man, they are absolutely the best team ever, dude!”

In the flow of informal conversation, such structures pose few problems for speakers or listeners. But in writing, these “sentences” is nonsensical.

In writing your SAT essay, be sure to be consistent to your idea and make sure that you complete the thought of each sentences, so in overall structure, your essay piece is clear.

If you find an especially confusing sentence, check to see whether it has a subject and a predicate. If not, revise it. Run-on sentences is a big no-no not just in essays, but to all written works.

If your subject and predicate is still confusing, check the relationship of your subject and verb.

Here are some examples:

  • Wrong: Rio is where I learned Portuguese.
  • Right: Rio is the city where I learned Portuguese.
  • Wrong: We like Anna better than Suzette.
  • Right: We like Anna better than we like Suzette.
TIP; WHAT TO AVOID ON YOUR ESSAY: Avoid any is when, is where, and reason is because in your sentences.

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