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Health care managemhealth-care-managementent is one of the most exciting and enriching field which is changing and evolving at a very fast pace. A lot of things are taken care of in this sector like providing proper care to everyone throughout the nation, how the services are provided, who is providing the services and how they are financed. To manage such a vast arena, talented and technically sound professionals are needed who are ready for the change and will make significant contributions in health care. A MBA degree in healthcare provides appropriate managerial skills that are required for working in a health industry. Demand of Health care management professionals is increasing day by day with the developing awareness of health and hygiene. Various hospitals, nursing homes, health centers are hiring health care professionals like health insurers, administrators and health executives.

The fields in which require these professionals are health tourism, research, medical information. Business specific areas like marketing, finance, business creation and production demand health care managers. MBA in health care enhances the theoretical as well as practical skills of students so that they excel in the outside world. Management Professionals can join Hospitals as health executives and help in its organization and operation.

After completing Masters in health care, students can work as follows:

  • Health care Manager: Supervision is the main task of a health care manager. A health care manager has to look upon the tasks of

maintaining budgets, dealing with operations of the organization, implementing various policies and communicating with staffs and sub-ordinates.

  • Healthcare Planner: Health care planner optimizes the existing facilities and seek operational solutions. Making assumptions, trying out new processes and future plans, developing new contracts and maintaining the old ones, dealing with new challenges, all are the part of a health care planner’s work profile.
  • Administrator:Managing hospitals, treatment centers, hospices and support staffs are the major tasks of a healthcare administrator. Efficient operation of the hospital and providing satisfactory service to the patients are the responsibility of an administrator. The administrators are the bridge between medical staff and the hospital board. Recruitment, hiring and even training new staffs and members of the organization come under the tasks of health care administrator. Activities of all the departments are monitored and integrated by the administrator so that the whole organization works excellently.

We had talked in depth about Jobs in health care 

Management students can initially start their career as a manager or an assistant to hospital administrator. Later the managers can move to senior level jobs like Associate administrator or even CEO.

Following are some of the areas of health sector where health managers can hone their skills:

  • LifeStyle Clinics
  • Medical and diagnostic Library
  • Outpatient care centres
  • Hospitals
  • Physician’s clinic
  • Home health care services
  • NGO and Insurance systems.
  • E-health ventures

The health care managers communicate intimately with patients and help them recover fast. They offer translation services, maintain the medical records, make appointments. They act like a mentor to the patient.

Health administrators are not clinicians, so they help in making policies, modifying infrastructure and lead the health organizations in such a way that the whole health care system is improved. Health care executives work for long hours attending meetings and planning for the organization they serve.

Bachelors programs in Health and Medical Administrative Services

Graduate programs in Health and Medical Administrative Services




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    I have done my Bachelors of occupational therapy from India and after that I have completed my Post graduate diploma in hospital administration from YMCA India. Now I have moved to USA and now I am permanent resident here. I want to work here. Please guide me how can i proceed. I need a license to work here. Please tell me, can I am applying for exam to get license right away?