Short Term Programs offering Credits like Certificate Programs

Graduate certificate programs require students to complete fewer credits than graduate degree programs and are thus shorter in duration than master’s and doctoral programs. Crediting requirements for graduate certificate programs vary but are generally in the range of nine to 24 credits. This typically translates to three, four, five, or six graduate courses. Programs that require fewer courses may take less time to complete than programs that require more courses, although this can depend on the length of each course.

Some educational institutions or organizations may offer you credit based on verified certificates programs. Students receive verified certificates after they earn a passing grade in a course that offers these certificates. If you’re currently associated with a college or organization, contact that organization directly to find out about credit options for verified certificates.

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Short term Certificate Programs offering Credits

Credit Certificate Programs offered by the University of Miami

The Division of Continuing and International Education at the University of Miami, in collaboration with several other colleges and schools of the University, offers special Credit Certificate Programs.

Focusing on a single subject area, certificate programs deliver the concentrated knowledge and skills needed for fast career advancement.

The Credit Certificate Programs offered by the University of Miami are:

Credit Certificate Program in Accounting Course Descriptions

Credit Certificate Program in Business Technology Course Descriptions: The Certificate in Business Technology (formerly Computer Systems) program is designed to provide a broad background in business computer information systems and to develop the technical skills needed to stay competitive in this challenging field. The program will be of particular benefit to programmers and to management information systems analysts. The certificate is awarded by the Division of Continuing and International Education and the Department of Computer Information Systems upon the successful completion of 18 credits.

Credit Certificate Program offered by the Fashion Institute of Technology – State University of New York

A certificate tells the world you’ve attained proficiency and professionalism in your field. It’s a credential that demonstrates you’re able to meet the demands of the industry and the consumer. Employers consider credit certificates a valuable asset, adding to a job candidate’s marketability. For those seeking to develop or enhance specialized skills by learning the latest technical or professional techniques, FIT offers a number of competency-based credit certificate programs.  Most certificates are designed to be taken in a fairly sequential manner, so the average student can expect 4-5 terms at a minimum. 

Nondegree credit courses take place during the fall, spring, winter, and summer terms. The department expects you to complete graded assignments and tests as part of your credit certificate program. 

Credit Certificate Programs offered by Community College of Baltimore County

Community College of Baltimore County offers 15 Credit Programs in different fields like Accounting, Computer-Aided Design for Architecture and Engineering, Construction Management, Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (HVAC) & Energy Technology, Information Technology, Network Technology, and Teacher Education. Some are listed below:

College Credit programs offered by Maimi Dade College

The college credit programs at Maimi Dade College are certified by the Florida Department of Education and require fewer credits than an Associate in Science degree. College credits granted in these programs will apply toward the related Associate in Science degree. Students receive an institutional College Credit Certificate upon completion and the program’s title is added to the student’s transcript. A total of 89 programs are offered in different fields. Some are listed below:

Automation: This certificate prepares students for initial employment with an occupational title as an Automation or Applied Automation Specialist in various specialized areas.

Program credits:15
Estimated time to complete:16 weeks

Audio Technology: The Audio Technology Program is an intensive practical and theoretical training program that focuses on the foundation of sound engineering, designed to prepare students to become successful in today’s commercial sound recording industry in as little as 12 months.

Program credits:15
Estimated time to complete:16 weeks

Business Operations – Business Management: The Business Operations College Credit Certificate program is the second in a series of three College Credit Certificate programs designed to prepare students for employment and advancement.

Program credits:18
Estimated time to complete:1 Year

Digital Marketing Specialist: The Digital Marketing Specialist Certificate is designed to prepare students to build and execute a marketing plan using digital tools to design, distribute, promote, and price a product or service. 

Program credits:12
Estimated time to complete:16 weeks

Tax Specialist: The College Credit Certificate in Tax Specialist will prepare students to fill out the necessary forms for their clients or for the businesses in which they work. 

Program credits:12
Estimated time to complete:16 weeks

College Credit Certificate offered by Eastern Florida State College

The College Credit Certificate is a series of college-credit courses that prepares students for entry-level employment in specific career fields or for career advancement. Upon completion of the Certificate program, students continuing their education in the related A.S. degree program may have the credit applied toward the A.S. degree as noted in specific catalog listings. More than 50 credit certificate programs are offered. Some are listed below.

Aerospace Technician CCC: The Aerospace Technology Associate in Science degree is a two-year program that consists of 64 credit hours. The 43-credit Aerospace Technician College Credit Certificate (CCC) and the 17-credit Structural Assembly Technician CCC are shorter-term program options. 

Business Specialist CCC: The two-year Business Administration Associate in Science degree is designed to prepare graduates for positions in a wide range of organizations. Courses for the Business Administration program and its associated, shorter-term college credit certificate programs are offered at all EFSC campuses as well as through Online Learning.

Crime Scene Technician CCC: The associate’s degree includes a 28-hour Crime Scene Technician certificate program designed to prepare students for entry-level employment in the field of criminalistics.

Veterinary Assisting CCC: Veterinary Assisting is a three-semester certificate program available as either a full-time, stand-alone College Credit Certificate or as part of the Veterinary Nursing A.S. program. The program includes hands-on and clinical experiences under the guidance of veterinary and veterinary technician/nursing faculty.

Network Security CCC: This degree program and the associated certificate programs are designed to provide students with the training necessary to install, secure, maintain and troubleshoot computer networks. There are six college credit certificates associated with the Network Systems Technology A.S. degree: IP Communications (IPCC) 32 credit hours, Network Server Administration (NACC) 24 credit hours, Network Security (NECC) 30 credit hours, Network Infrastructure (NICC) 21 credit hours, Network Support Technician (NTCC) 21 credit hours, and Network Virtualization (NVCC) 18 credit hours.

Credit Certificate Program offered by Wilmington University

At Wilmington University, you can earn a certificate and get credit for a degree at the same time. Wilmington University helps you gain the skills you need to advance your career in a way that fits your life with flexible schedules, convenient locations, and online certificate courses. Wilmington University certificate programs teach you the subject-specific knowledge you need to advance in your career or simply explore a new field. Build skills that can give you greater opportunities in your evolving field today.

Graduate Certificate in Administration in Higher Education: This 15-credit certificate will prepare you to pursue leadership, management, and administration roles at colleges and universities. Choose 100% online or a hybrid of online and in-person courses.

Graduate Certificate in Organizational Leadership: This graduate-level certificate will teach you an approach to management that will empower you to take a leading role in any organization. Build your credentials or use this dual-credit certificate toward a degree with a concentration in Organizational Leadership.

Graduate Certificate in Sustainability: With this Wilmington University graduate-level certificate you’ll learn how to analyze the environmental impact of your organization and present innovative solutions.

Graduate Certificate in Marketing Management: Wilmington University’s Certificate in Marketing Management covers the most relevant marketing strategies and concepts, ensuring that you are using the most innovative approaches in your efforts. Completion of the graduate certificate in marketing can also serve as a stepping stone toward a graduate degree, as the credits may be applied to several master’s degree programs. 

Graduate Certificate in Finance: Wilmington University’s graduate certificate in Finance can help you to launch or upgrade a career in corporate or small-business finance, or to build the foundation for an advanced degree in the field. In addition, the credits you earn in this finance certificate can be applied toward the M.B.A. in Finance from Wilmington University.

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