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Top 5 Benefits of Pursuing a Direct Entry MSN Program

Nursing involves treating individuals, families, and communities to promote, maintain and restore health. Nurses provide vital healthcare services to patients in various settings, including hospitals, clinics, and community-based organizations. In addition, they work in collaboration with other healthcare professionals to deliver comprehensive care and support to patients of all ages and backgrounds.

Step-By-Step Guide for How a Nursing Graduate Can Specialize as a Family Nurse Practitioner

Becoming a family nurse practitioner (FNP) is a great way for nursing graduates to specialize and take on more advanced roles in patient care. As an FNP, you can diagnose and treat patients across all age groups, i.e., from new-born to the elderly, in various settings. Nurses hold a crucial position in the healthcare industry and are the largest workforce in the sector. According to Statista, around 3 million registered nurses were providing their valuable services in the US. With the right training and experience, you can become a respected and valued member of the healthcare team and positively impact your patients’ lives.

Harvard Waived Off the GRE for 50% of their Master’s Programs

Harvard is known for its world-renowned faculty and its rich history, as it is the oldest higher education institution in the United States. Harvard is highly competitive and is considered one of the most prestigious universities in the world. The university is home to many renowned alumni, such as Microsoft founder Bill Gates, actress Natalie Portman, President Franklin D. Roosevelt, and physicist Stephen Hawking. Furthermore, Harvard has many notable research centers, faculties, and departments, including the Harvard Medical School, Harvard Business School, and Harvard Law School.

Columbia University dropping GRE for admission to its Master’s programs

Columbia University is one of the Ivy League universities and is ranked #4 in Best National University in the USA. It is a private university which is located in Albany, New York.
Columbia University aims to establish academic ties with several nations and regions, encourage research on global topics, and draw a diverse and international faculty, staff, and student body. All areas of the university are expected to progress knowledge and learning to the highest possible level and to share the results of their work with the rest of the world.

Universities with No GRE Master’s program that also offer Financial Aid for Graduate Students

The Graduate Record Examinations (GRE) is a standardized test that many graduate institutions in the United States demand for entrance. But, all the accredited universities in the USA don’t require the GRE for admission. There are even universities with no GRE requirement. We have listed below some of the no GRE universities that offer scholarships and financial aid for graduate students.

What is the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) and why prospective Graduate students use it ?

The Myers-Briggs personality type indicator (MBTI) is a well-researched assessment instrument that is frequently used by organizations to assist people to grow in their self-awareness and improve teamwork. Its method is to classify a person as one of 16 different personality types, each of which has a special way of looking at the world. The MBTI is perhaps the personality test that gets the most attention.

What is Capstone Project for Master’s Programs?

In a Master’s program, a capstone project or capstone experience entails the identification of an existing problem in a practical environment and the application of teaching skills and techniques to create a solution that directly solves the issue. It’s a rare chance to conduct an autonomous group study and come up with creative answers. The advantage of having capstone experiences throughout a Master’s program is that they frequently require considerable work done outside of the classroom during internship experiences or time spent in scientific inquiry. This increases the rigor of the program.

What is a Fully Funded Master’s Program?

The act of providing financial resources to finance a need, program, or project is referred to as Funding. Fully-Funded, on the other hand, is a financing package from the university that includes full tuition remission as well as an annual stipend for living expenses for the one to two years a student is pursuing a Master’s degree and is usually awarded at acceptance.

What is a Healthcare Analytics Master’s program and why you should consider a career?

The term “health analytics” describes the use of huge amounts of data to provide helpful information to industries. These insights are produced by analytical disciplines and aid in fact-based decision-making. The planning, management, and measurement are improved by this program. Professionals who wish to use a variety of analytical techniques […]

Accredited Uniersities Waied Off GRE Scores for 2022 Admissions in Public Policy Analysis Master’s Program

The COVID-19 epidemic is still spreading across the globe. In response to the expanding coronavirus outbreak, education officials have been compelled to cancel courses and close campuses around the world in recent months. This pandemic has also led to the demise of a number of test facilities, including those that conduct the GRE and GMAT. A couple of universities have chosen to eliminate the GRE/GMAT requirement for prospective students in view of the growing medical crisis. Find the list the universities below which have decided to waive off GRE scores for 2022 admission cycle.

How CollegeHippo College Search helps you Find Program details from Accredited Universities?

Education Accreditation is the system of quality assurance through reviewing and examining the facilities and activities of educational institutions or programs by an external agency to assess if the relevant requirements are being met and accepted. If the requirements are met, the accredited status of the appropriate organization will be granted.

IVY League Universities Graduate Degree Programs in English Literature , No Gre included

Because these are the most competitive schools, IVY League institutions are superior than any other top-tier university due to name recognition. The median wage for an Ivy League graduate is $70,000, compared to $34,000 for non-Ivy League grads, while the expense of attending an Ivy League school can be four times that of a state institution ten years after commencing school.

How to Find Universities which do not require GRE for the Master’s program? 1

Most Graduate schools often require the students to take the GRE tests. But luckily there are graduate programs that do not require the GRE, which leads to big saving of time and money. There are around 500 universities that do not require GRE for admissions to the Master’s program. But the challenge is how to find these universities?

Scholarships Available For English Language And Literature Masters Program

Scholarships are offered by the universities as well as some external agencies for the English language and literature Master’s program with an amount ranging from $500 to $138,500. These scholarships can help to reduce your overall tuition bill and come in the form of stipends, assistantships, fellowships, and institutional grants. Find these scholarships here. Other than these, there are 700+ external scholarships available from various organizations and institutions.