Teaching Assistantship in US colleges

Teaching Assistantship

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Cost of education in USA for international student could prove to be pretty expensive with annual bill ranging up to $40,000.  One way to reduce your cost of education in USA is through various forms of assistant available to students. We had discussed about Research assistant ship . In this article we will talk about Teaching assistantship.

If you are planning to study in the US, then before choosing a college just go through its financial aid and scholarship policies for international students. It is the very important factor to make a decision. Financial aids are generally limited for international students. It can be need-based or merit-based. Generally, international students get financial aid on the basis of merit rather than need. Each and every university and college has its own policies for financial aid for international students.

Teaching Assistantship in the US is a common form of financial aid offered by various universities and colleges. It provides financial support to students as well as a great opportunity to gain a good teaching experience. Teaching Assistants are employed on a temporary contract. The criteria for selecting Teaching Assistants may vary from college to college.

For example: In the University of San Francisco offers financial aid opportunity to all graduate applicants (international and the US both). It offers Teaching Assistantship and that is based on academic merit. You need not fill any separate application form for financial aid, you just need to fill the normal application form. And if you are selected for Teaching Assistantship, you’ll be notified through your admission letter. From University’s page

Each of the Arts and Sciences graduate programs at USF offer a limited number of scholarships on a competitive basis,
including the M.S.in Analytics Program. These program-based scholarship awards range from $1,000 to $15,000.  A few of
the graduate programs (including Biology, Chemistry and the MFA in Writing) also offer Teaching Assistantships.
Scholarships and assistantships are awarded according to academic merit

In University Of Illinois- Urbana Champaign, the process of selection is more or less the same as in the University of San Francisco. You need not fill any separate form to get financial aid. You’ll be notified through your admission letter whether you are selected or not. The main criteria for selection is academic excellence. The selection committees make their decision on the basis of the information written in the application form particularly the letter of reference and  the personal statement.

Eligibility for Teaching Assistantship

To receive Teaching Assistantship, students must

  • Be admitted as the graduate program student
  • Be proficient in English (both written and spoken)
  • Participate in the required teaching assistantship workshop sponsored by college/university

Responsibilities of Teaching Assistant

Teaching Assistant is required to spend approximately 20 hours per week and has the primary responsibility  which may include:

  • preparing lectures
  • conducting classes
  • constructing tests and quizzes
  • leading discussion groups
  • assigning course or laboratory grades
  • other duties related to the assigned course/laboratory

The salary offered to teach assistant varies across each college and their departments. You should be able to prove that you can do this job well along with your studies and you have much better chances of getting this assistant ship.


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