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Restaurant, hospitality industry, shopping malls are not the only ones who are affected by COVID-19. Colleges are feeling the brunt and have started offering discounts on tuition for the incoming class. Some of them like Syracuse is offering in the form of a scholarship while others have a condition attached to attend a webinar. Why do not the colleges just slash the prices? I think if they do a flat discount, then it will be difficult to justify to increase again after the crisis is over.

Kansas State University has reduced their tuition for Online Master’s in Food Science program

Kansas State University announced Online fees from the Fall 2019/Spring 2020 period have been reduced. A single tuition fee of $70 per credit hour is paid for all online courses for the 2020-2021 academic year, using the model which K-State university has adapted for summer 2020. The standard tuition rate for online courses continues to be the in-state rate per credit hour irrespective of residence. A new online fee replaces the existing Global Campus fee of $148.70 (graduate) and any online college fees paid before.

Syracuse University offers Class of 2020 half off grad school tuition

Syracuse University has revealed it will give its Class of 2020 participants a scholarship that will cover half of the tuition for SU graduate school programs, a concession to the obstacles faced by the community during its tenure at school, and a potentially difficult work market after graduating.

The discount is offered under the name “2020 Forever Orange Scholarship” and said it will pay half of the tuition for senior students who participate full-time in Syracuse’s diploma or credential programs.

The school said the scholarship is open to all seniors of Class 2020 who are eligible for admission to graduate school. This is also open to senior students who have already been accepted to a degree program. The scholarship can not be paired with other support awards for students, such as assistantships or fellowships. This can not be delayed to another year, either.

Colorado Art Schools offers 20% discount for online Master’s degree Programs

Rocky Mountain College of Art and Design (RMCAD) is awarding a 20% discount on its Master of Arts in Education Media Design and Technology (EMDT) program to all students attending its upcoming webinar on April 29.

EMDT should help students stay ahead of today’s technologies and resources while presenting them with effective storytelling’s basic principles.  Students at EMDT will design technology, optimize teaching techniques, create exciting and efficient instructional media resources, and evaluate educational and technical developments to integrate them into their digital portfolio and quickly put them into action.  This curriculum extends to specific career types, such as teachers at K-12, instructional designers, digital designers, and much more.

Graduate tuition discount for alumni at St. Mary’s University

For a minimum of 15 credit hours completed in Summer 2020, Fall 2020, or Spring 2021, the graduate student discount would cover half the cost of tuition fees for alumni. For the tuition discount, no application is needed. Alumni applicants may receive automatic awards upon their admission to the program.

To be eligible for discounted graduate tuition:

  • Alumni in the Fall of 2019, Spring 2020, or Summer 2020 must have completed and awarded a St. Mary’s bachelor’s degree.
  • To qualify for the alumni discount, applicants must be new for the terms Summer 2020, Fall 2020, or Spring 2021.
  • Alumni may enroll at the College of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences; the Greehey School of Business; or the School of Science, Engineering, and Technology in graduate-level master’s degree or certificate programs.
  • Alumni are not eligible for a tuition discount in the programs of the St. Mary’s University School of Law, the Doctor of Philosophy in Counselor Training and Supervision, or anyone seeking an undergraduate degree, second or additional.
  • Alumni are not eligible for a tuition discount if they return to St. Mary’s graduate programs after a leave of absence, other gaps in registration, or students who are not pursuing a degree.
  • The tuition discount cannot be combined with other discounts.

Western New Mexico University COVID-19 Updates

WNMU has given its students the option of sending an email to and to submit overdue payments for any student who is having a difficult time making their tuition payment due to COVID-19.

Bowling Green State University to reduce out-of-state tuition fee for specific graduate programs

Bowling Green State University is continuing its commitment to students and making education available by aiming to reduce the domestic, non-resident surcharge to $1 per credit hour for out-of-state students who have graduated from an Ohio institution with a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in Ohio and who are enrolling in a graduate program for the academic year 2020-2021, beginning with fall 2020.

The non-resident surcharge waiver will not extend to students pursuing a full online curriculum and all Master of Business Administration programs.

Additional changes to the admissions process for graduate school at BGSU include:

  • Waiving the $45 application fee for graduate applicants
  • Waiving exam criteria, including the GRE and GMAT, for students applying for all of the university’s graduate and master’s degree programs for the summer of 2020 and fall of 2020
  • Providing a foreign student with a postponement procedure should they be unable to attend the University for the coming fall semester

Mississippi College Seniors Receiving Fall Tuition Discounts for Graduate School

Seniors of Mississippi College revealed seniors would earn a 30% tuition discount this fall for their MC graduate school studies. The big discount would help to alleviate the financial strain of the COVID-19 safety pandemic on MC students and families affected.

The reduction in tuition applies to graduate seniors this year. The students will be qualified for either full-time or part-time enrollment in MC graduate school courses. In late August the fall semester classes begin. The discount for the MC graduate school is well-timed as COVID-19 cases ascend around the world.

If compared to the new $625 per hour graduate school rate, the amount will be reduced to $437 per hour, says Interim Provost Debbie Norris. With the number, of course, hours rising, savings are increasing. For a graduate student, the full-time load is 8 hours. The graduate student will be saving more than $1,500, in that case, this Autumn.

Middle Tennessee State University Grad Studies temporarily offers $1 application fee, waives admission test for approved programs

The College of Graduate Studies at Middle Tennessee State University provides a small range of very reduced application fees for summer and autumn due to COVID-19 to make the choice a little easier. When the maximum number of payment fees of $1 is met, the rate would revert to $35. To start your application and take advantage of this temporary offer you can apply here.

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