Universities offering Online Data Science Certificate Programs

Following are the Universities offering online Data Science Certification Program.

1. California State University Fullerton – Online Data Science Certificate Program

California State University Fullerton offers an online Certificate in Data Science program. This certificate program includes five courses and consists of 99 hours. They must have a bachelor’s degree in computer science, applied statistics, engineering, math, physics, or natural sciences., and they have at least three years of professional experience in a field such as data analysis, business analytics or intelligence, software engineering or programming.

This program provides both the fundamentals in statistics and computer science, tools, techniques, and practical experience in applied statistical analysis, modeling, machine learning, and computational data science.

Duration of the course: 10 months

Cost: $3,220

2.Duke University – Big Data and Data Science Program

Duke University offers big data and data science programs. This course is designed for professionals interested in the field of analytics to develop broad and in-depth expertise in the spectrum of big data and data science related technologies.

Eligibility for this courses are:

  • Have completed at least 18 years of age
  • Possess word processing and internet skills
  • Be fluent in the English language (including reading and writing)
  • Have a familiarity with computers, how online programs work, and comfort in using them
  • Possess reliable internet access and a valid email account

Cost: $2,995

3. Elmhurst College – Data Science Certificate program

Elmhurst College offers a Data Science certificate program. This program includes five courses from the college’s Master of Science in Data Science program, with four required courses and one elective. students who want to earn the masters must meet the admission requirements for that degree, including prerequisite courses in statistics and computer science and at least a year of professional experience.

Duration of the course: one year

Cost: $870 per semester

4.Indiana University Bloomington – Online Data Science Certificate Program

Indiana University Bloomington offers an online Certificate in Data Science that provides students with a flexible option to tailor coursework to meet their interests or career goals. Completing the certificate requires students to take four courses, such as data analysis, health and medicine, cloud computing, and high-performance computing. Applicants must include three letters of recommendation, although those with a technical background only need to submit one recommendation. Applicants must also submit college transcripts, a resume, and a statement of purpose.

5.University of California-Irvine – Online Graduate Certificate Data Science Program

The University of California, Irvine offers an online Graduate Certificate in Data Science. They must have the basic skills needed for data science and allows practitioners to broaden their skills. The program is aimed at professionals in a variety of industries and job roles that involve understanding large amounts of data, such as data engineers, data analysts, business analysts, researchers, statisticians, database administrators, and computer scientists. To earn the certificate, students must complete 15 credit units, with six required units and nine elective units. Students must complete all the requirements within five years.

Benefits of this course:

  • Learn from industry experts how to utilize a combination of science, art & business techniques to deliver new insights and competitive intelligence
  • Describe the phases of the analytics life cycle
    Utilize a variety of statistical and computer science tools and techniques to analyze data
  • Describe and use the typical tools and technologies required to model and analyze large data sets
    Effectively design, model, and manage databases
    Describe and utilize unstructured and structured data sets leveraging text analytics tools.

Cost: $3,770

6. Regis University – Graduate Certificate in Data Science

The Graduate Certificate in Data Science offered by Regis University uses the Hadoop ecosystem of software products for practical, hands-on assignments. Coursework is delivered online in eight-week sessions. Applicants must have a bachelor’s degree, and while no specific major is required, students who enter the certificate program will need to have knowledge or experience in database applications, computer networking, programming, and system design and analysis. The admissions committee will assess each student’s background in these areas and may require prerequisite classes. Applicants must submit official college transcripts, a resume, and an admission essay. They may be interviewed by the faculty. The curriculum includes four courses, for a total of 12 credit hours.


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