Universities Waiving Off GRE for Graduate Programs Admissions

The Graduate Record Exam (GRE) is a common requirement for graduate school entrance. The GRE is a standardised test that is used to determine a graduate school applicant’s prospects of success at the Master’s or Doctorate degree level. However, the GRE has been a requirement for admission to most of the colleges in the United States. But there are universities that offer admission to graduate programmes and do not expect the students to submit GRE score.

The GRE requirements vary depending on the university or degree program. If an institution requires the GRE as part of the admissions process, the requirement may be as simple as the prospective student having taken the exam before applying. A GRE score may be recommended rather than required as part of the admissions process at some universities or graduate programmes.

Rather than mandating the GRE, recommending is frequently used to provide more opportunities to candidates who may not have the best application, such as those with a poor undergraduate GPA. In this case, despite his or her less-than-stellar undergraduate performance, a high GRE score demonstrates the applicant’s potential for graduate school success.

One thing to keep in mind is that the recent Corona virus outbreak has not resulted in universities lowering GRE score criteria for graduate programme entrance. Few people are aware that some universities do not require the GRE for admission. A significant amount of time and money is saved.

Top Universities that Don’t Require GRE for Gradaute Program

No GRE PHD program in Neuroscience offered by Princeton University

The Princeton Neuroscience Institute’s Ph.D. program aims to train researchers to tackle these fundamental, unanswered problems. Students pursuing a Ph.D. in neuroscience undergo lecture and laboratory courses, learn to read, comprehend, and present current scientific literature, create and conduct significant original research, and present their findings at meetings and conferences. Students in this programme learn to employ the most up-to-date neuroscience techniques and approaches, as well as how to think and develop novel techniques and ideas. To solve the brain puzzle, uniqueness and creativity are required.

Admission requirements for the  Princeton University’s Neuroscience Ph.D. program are:

1. Statement of Academic Purpose.

2. Resume/Curriculum Vitae.

3. Recommendation Letters.

4. Applicants are required to upload a transcript including the key from all attended colleges or universities.

5. Fall Semester Grades.

6. Applicants whose native language is not English are required to demonstrate a level of oral proficiency in the English language.

GRE is not required for admission to PHD program in Neuroscience at Princeton University.

The application deadline for Neuroscience graduate program is November 25.

Master of Public Health in Epidemiology (Online and On Campus) offered by Harvard University

While fitting around their busy schedules, the Master of Public Health in Epidemiology (MPH-EPI) will train students for new levels of leadership in their careers. Students in the MPH-EPI programme will study with one of the most outstanding epidemiology professors in the world. This rigorous HYBRID part-time, two-year degree programme will provide students with the advanced research and epidemiological skills they need to pursue senior positions in academia, hospitals, public health agencies, nongovernmental organisations, and the private sector by combining online, in-person, and in-the-field learning.

The MPH in Epidemiology program offered by Harvard University will not be considering GRE/MCAT/GMAT/LSAT/DAT scores for admission.

Individuals interested in advanced quantitative epidemiology methodologies and their applications in clinical and population health research, policy, and programs should pursue an MPH in epidemiology. Epidemiologists will benefit from the degree’s public health approach.

Eligible applicants for the MPH in epidemiology should meet one of the following criteria:

1. Hold a doctoral degree in a health profession or academic area related to public health.

2. Hold a professional master’s degree in a health-related field with at least three years of health-related work experience following completion of the degree.

3. Hold a bachelor’s degree with at least 5 years of post-baccalaureate experience in a relevant health-related field.

PHD in Biological Anthropology offered by Yale University

The evolution of humans and other primates, primate morphology, ecology, and behaviour, human evolutionary biology and reproductive ecology, biocultural anthropology, global health, paleoarchaeology, and evolutionary genomics are among the topics covered by Yale’s Ph.D. programme in Biological Anthropology. Graduate students in the MD/Ph.D. Program and the Combined Ph.D. in Anthropology and the School of the Environment study with faculty in biological anthropology.

The GRE general exam score is not accepted for the PHD program in Biological Anthropology, therefore don’t bother. When reviewing applications, the GRE General Test scores will not be considered.

The annual application deadline for the PHD Program in Biological Anthropology is December 15th.

Graduate applicants should provide one writing sample at the time they prepare their online application.

Master of Arts in Ecology Evolution and Conservation Biology offered by Columbia University in the City of New York

The Master of Arts in Ecology, Evolution, and Conservation is a postgraduate degree in ecology, evolution, and conservation science. Biology is a discipline that combines biological sciences with environmental policy, project management, and research experience. Students can choose from a variety of career paths thanks to this multidisciplinary approach. The M.A. programme at E3B is project-based, which means that as part of the degree, all students must complete a capstone project. Students can customise their course work to further their interests, as well as create a capstone project to obtain additional skills and experience.

The GRE is no longer required, and GRE subject exams are also not required for MA in Ecology Evolution and Conservation Biology program offered by Columbia University in the City of New York .

Basic biographical information, a statement of purpose, transcripts, your CV/resumé, and letters of recommendation from at least two people familiar with your scholastic and intellectual ability are all required application materials. There’s also the option of submitting a writing sample.

Master of Liberal Arts offered by Stanford University

The motivations for enrolling in the MLA Program are as varied as the students themselves. Students want to improve their capacity to connect disparate fields of human thinking, develop the intellectual methods they’ll need to participate in current debates, learn how to do original research, and, most importantly, live a life of ideas. Students in the MLA Program take a minimum of 50 units of study, allowing them to explore a variety of topics rather than specialising on a single one. This technique gives the student a broad viewpoint that will lead to an interdisciplinary master’s thesis, which is an in-depth study of a specific subject and the climax of graduate study.

The MLA programme only accepts students once a year. The application starts in late September, and all materials must be submitted by late January for the following September’s programme.

GREs are not required for the Master of Liberal Arts program offered by Stanford University.

The Application Components are:

1. Online application that includes contact, biographical, academic, and employment information

2. A one- to two-page essay on an intellectual interest you’ve developed

3. A critical response to a written piece that they assign.

4. Official transcripts of all college work toward degree, and all other academic coursework completed since college

5. A current curriculum vitae

6. Three letters of recommendation that speak to your academic abilities, potential, and motivation. Two of these three should be from teachers or others who can comment on your intellectual capability, academic prospects, and writing ability firsthand.

7. Application Fee of $125

PHD program in English Language and Literature offered by University of Chicago

The University of Chicago’s Department of English has played a pivotal role in the evolution of literary studies during the last half-century. The PhD programme develops students’ capacity to raise and analyse challenges in the advanced study of English literatures, preparing them for autonomous work as teachers, scholars, and critics. Coursework, teaching, field tests, and the dissertation are the four key components of the curriculum. These parts work together to introduce students to a wide range of textual genres, critical approaches, and historical/cultural problems, as well as to provide significant practise in research, discussion, argument, and writing, as well as to develop teaching abilities.

Admission requirements for the PhD program in English Language and Literature at the University of Chicago:

The GRE scores are not required for the PhD program in English Language and Literature at the University of Chicago.

1. Transcripts from all college-level, degree-track programs.

2. 3-4 confidential letters of recommendation.

3. A 15-20 page writing sample.

4. A statement of academic purpose.

Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering offered by Massachusetts Institute of Technology

A master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering usually takes one academic year to complete, while an engineer’s degree takes two years. This curriculum requires a higher level of professional competence than the master’s degree programme, but it places a lower focus on creative research than the doctoral program.

Application requirements for Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering at Massachusetts Institute of Technology are:

  1. Online application.
  2. Application Fee: $75.00.
  3. Statement of objectives.
  4. Three letters of recommendation.
  5. Transcripts.
  6. English proficiency exam scores: IELTS, TOEFL

GRE scores is not required for Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering at Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

The admission deadline for Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering is December 5.

Master of Public Policy offered by Duke University

The two-year professional Master of Public Policy (MPP) programme can also help students achieve their objectives. This curriculum prepares students for exciting careers as analysts, leaders, and managers in government, charities, and enterprises at all levels, both domestically and globally. Earning an MPP at Sanford allows students to develop their talents and join a network of present and future leaders who are committed to making the world a better place.

All applicants must include the following materials in their application: undergraduate grade point average (UGPA), resume, statement of purpose, recommendation letters, and transcripts.

GRE score submission will be optional for MPP offered by Duke University. Students may, if they choose, submit GRE scores for consideration in the application process, but it is not required.

The LSAT is accepted by Duke and UNC-Chapel Hill Law Schools if you are applying for the MPP/JD dual degree programme.

See, No GRE Master’s program listed by collegehippo to get the list of all the universities that has waived off GRE. You can get the list by course wise.

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