W.K Kellogg Foundation gives $4 million for Grand Rapids Program

The Student Advancement Foundation, a non-profit group that links community resources with needs of Grand Rapids Public Schools, on Monday announced the grant to fund “Believe 2 Become,” a program that encourages children to achieve their dreams by continuing their education.

Believe 2 Become deserves generous support because it mirrors the Kellogg Foundation’s desire to work alongside communities to remove barriers to success that many children face, said Nadia Brigham, program officer.

The opportunities funded by the SAF demonstrably affect the learning outcomes of individual students, and deliver system-wide benefits to teachers, families and the greater community. Their mission is met by engaging the community and encouraging their investment in five areas – Literacy, The Arts, Environmental Education, Math/Science and Physical Wellness

The W.K. Kellogg Foundation is giving $4 million to support a grassroots initiative to improve graduation rates in four Grand Rapids neighborhoods, which are home to some 15,000 children.

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