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Alright, first of all, a quick apology for drifting from the topic of online Master Degree which we were discussing quite consistently this week. The need for this post was prompted because of the repeated questions from the GRE test takers and MS aspirants regarding the importance given to the GRE scores in the college admission process. Many students were tensed that their comparatively low GRE scores or insufficient score in GRE verbal or GRE math can reduce their admission chances. Therefore, as an answer to all their queries, we put together this post, in which we will deal with the weight given to the GRE scores and how to overcome the problem of low GRE scores.

So, how important are the GRE scores after all?

Well, to say the truth, GRE scores are indeed very important but the weight given to scores vary from college to college. Some colleges require students to get the score in the higher range that is above 1200 or 1300, while some colleges are happy with even 1100 GPA, as long as the student has high GPA and strong letters of recommendation. Basically, GRE test allows the colleges to measure the aptitude of the students from different academic backgrounds on common criteria or testing platform. Otherwise, it would become very difficult to compare the efficiency of a US student with that of an overseas student.

Why do some universities require higher GRE verbal scores than GRE quant score?

The answer is pretty much obvious. Master degrees in arts courses such as psychology and philosophy require better language comprehension abilities and therefore, the admissions committees insist on very good GRE verbal scores. This does not mean you do not work hard on mathematics because that may take down your overall GRE score, which may reflect badly on your application resume.

What to do in case of lower GRE scores?

First of all, do not refrain from sending applications to your dream universities just because your GRE scores are lower than the average GRE scores mentioned in the statistics of previous batches. As such, the MS universities never issue a minimum score for screening. However, they do use these scores for the screening purpose and usually, the applicants with the best undergraduate GPAs and strong Letters of Recommendation have high GRE scores too.

Now, the question remains as to what you should do if you have low GRE scores or have scored in low in either verbal or quant section. Do not be disheartened and try making up for the low scores through really impressive letters of recommendation, additional coursework in the subjects you scored low, your undergraduate GPA and co-curricular activities that the universities value. All in all, you have to prove yourself a meritorious candidate, so much so that admission committees would never like to lose you as a prospective student for their institution and courses.

How much is considered as a low GRE score?

However, one question still persists that how low is considered low? That is what score range you are exactly aiming at? If you are targeting a score of say 1400 on GRE, then anything lower than 1200 will obviously be considered as low GRE score. Therefore, you need to understand your aptitude first and then aim at a score range. Do not expect more than what you deserve. Irrational expectations lead to disappointments.

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