Choosing between Data Analytics Bootcamp and a Certificate Program – 5 key differences

A degree in data analytics will assist you in obtaining employment as a data analyst, data engineer, data architect, or data scientist. Your final career path in data analytics will be determined by your skillset and desires, but each path will necessitate some form of programming, data visualization, statistics, and machine learning experience and skills.

Computer engineers and data technicians are more concerned with programming, databases, and complex queries, while data analysts and data scientists are more concerned with processing, storing, and evaluating massive datasets to aid in business decision-making. It’s a fast-growing and lucrative sector, with data scientists earning an average of $80,000 per year.

Data Analytics Bootcamps and Data Analytics Certificate Programs

What is a Data Analytics Bootcamp?

A bootcamp is a modern approach to your IT education, an intensive, short-term, frequently immersive experience created to offer all the skills required to start a career in their chosen specialty to aspiring IT professionals.

Bootcamps for data analytics teach students professional skills in a short, knowledge-intensive curriculum. Depending on the course you’ve enrolled in, the curriculum, configuration, and length of each bootcamp can differ. Some bootcamps concentrate on the fundamentals of dealing with big data, while others venture into more technical topics like simulation and statistics.

These are the 3 most popular Data Analytics Bootcamp:

Thinkful’s Data Analytics Bootcamp

Thinkful offers a four-month full-time online course that aims to take students from beginner to job-ready. This is one of the most expensive choices on the market, and it needs a full-time dedication for the length of the program, so it is not ideal for everybody. However, a number of payment options are available, including loans, income-share agreements, and stipends. This immersive course is intended to help people change professions, but it’s important to remember that it doesn’t guarantee a job.

Springboard’s Data Analytics Bootcamp

Data Analytics bootcamp from springboard not only teaches students technical skills but also business thinking skills. This self-paced data analytics bootcamp helps students learn the technical skills needed by building projects. Students will also get unlimited support from their personnel mentors as well. 

CareerFoundry Data Analytics Bootcamp

The data analytics bootcamp from CareerFoundry is a fully-online program. This program teaches students technical skills, tools used to become a data analyst. This program uses a dual mentorship approach to ensure that students get all of the assistance they need. Students will be appointed a tutor—an experienced data analyst who will review student exercises within 24 hours of submission—as well as a mentor—a data analytics industry specialist who will provide detailed written, visual, and on-call input on their portfolio pieces.

How long does it take to complete the Data Analytics Bootcamp?

Depending on the program provider, complexity, mode, and student dedication, the time to complete a data analytics bootcamp varies. Normally it takes about 6 – 8 months to complete the data analytics bootcamp. 

Duration of Thinkful’s Data Analytics Bootcamp

A full-time program can be completed in 4 months and students must study five days a week from 10 am-5:30 pm.

A part-time program can be completed in 6 months and students must dedicate 20 – 30 hours per week.

Duration of Springboard’s Data Analytics Bootcamp

This program is a self-paced bootcamp in data analytics and students can complete the program in 6 months.

Duration of CareerFoundry Data Analytics Bootcamp

This program is a fully online data analytics bootcamp and students can complete the program in 8 months if they can dedicate 15 hours/week or they complete in 5 months if  they can dedicate 30 hours/week.

What do you learn In a Data Analytics Bootcamp?

The basic skills you’ll acquire at a data analytics bootcamp vary significantly depending on the bootcamp’s design, goals, and mentors, as well as the hosting organization. Many bootcamps will show you how to use the tools like Microsoft Excel, R (Programming Language), Python, SQL, Tableau, as well as other data manipulation techniques.

What do you learn from Thinkful’s Data Analytics Flexible Bootcamp?

Students will discover the fundamentals of working in Excel and Powerpoint in this program,  how to use Tableau and Excel to generate realistic data visualizations, construct dashboards, and tell stories about data using visualization and design concepts,  use descriptive statistics, random sampling, and A/B checking to interpret data using core statistical approaches. And master the principles of Python programming.

Courses offered in Thinkful’s Data Analytics Flexible Bootcamp

  • Data Analytics in Modern Businesses
  • Excel Foundations and the Art of Presentations
  • Crafting a Story from Data with Tableau
  • Diving Deeper with Python and Statistics
  • Working with Databases using SQL and Python

What do you learn from Springboard’s Data Analytics Bootcamp?

This course will not only teach students technical skills but also strategic thinking, problem-solving, and communication skills. This 400-hour training contains videos, articles, hands-on projects, and case studies, as well as career-related coursework. Students will learn the expertise that managers want as a result of the program’s partnership with business insiders. You’ll complete two capstone assignments based on a practical data analytics situation that you will show to potential employers, in addition to small projects intended to illustrate basic principles.

Courses offered in Springboard’s Data Analytics Bootcamp

  • Framing structured thinking
  • Analyzing business problems
  • Connecting data using SQL
  • Visualizing data with Python
  • Communicating your analysis

What do you learn from CareerFoundry Data Analytics Bootcamp?

Students will learn all of the skills, tools, and processes needed to become a data analyst in this program. Students will be directed by a coach with over 5 years of business experience and a teacher who will give daily guidance. This program also assists students in building an outstanding portfolio from their real-world projects.

Courses offered in CareerFoundry Data Analytics Bootcamp

  • Intro to Data Analytics
    • Learn how to prepare and analyze data
  • Data Immersion
    • Preparing and Analyzing Data
    • Data Visualization & Storytelling
    • Databases & SQL for Analysts
    • Python Fundamentals for Data Analysts
    • Exploratory Data Analysis & Dashboards
    • Data Mining & Ethics

How Much Does a Data Analytics Bootcamp Cost?

The cost of data analytics bootcamp can vary by program complexity, curriculum offered, and the mode of the program. And the cost can range between $4,500 – $14,000.

Tuition cost of Thinkful’s Data Analytics Flexible

Upfront tuition cost – $12,250

Total tuition cost (Full-time) – $13,600

Total tuition cost (Part-time) – $20,400

Tuition cost of Springboard’s Data Analytics Bootcamp

Upfront tuition cost – $5,550

Total tuition cost (Part-time) – $6,600

Tuition cost of CareerFoundry Data Analytics Bootcamp

Upfront tuition cost – $6,555

Total tuition cost (Part-time) – $6,900

Total tuition cost (Full – time) – $5,100

What are the career benefits of doing a Bootcamp in Data Analytics?

Knowledge is now being used to inform corporate strategy by companies of all sizes and sectors. All of this knowledge is meaningless without data analysts to analyze, organize, and interpret it. These experts analyze large data sets to find patterns, create maps, and create visual presentations to aid organizations in making better decisions.

For such a critical skill set, data analysts are in high demand. According to IBM, there will be more than 2.7 million job openings in the information sector by 2020. This demand is reflected in wages, even among entry-level employees with data skills. Each of the 11 most successful data-focused occupations earns an average salary of more than $80,000 per year, with eight of them earning more than $100,000. Professionals with analytical skills typically earn more than their non-analytical equivalents.

SQL, Excel, Python, and SQL Server are four of the top ten most sought-after skills for jobs paying more than $75,000. Furthermore, managers, executives, and C-level professionals are increasingly expected to understand analytics in order to manage teams that revolve around those talents. Attending a data analytics Bootcamp is one way to gain the knowledge and skills needed to work in one of these positions.

What is a Data Analytics certificate program?

Certificate programs usually train students to work or upgrade their professional abilities in a specific industry. It is offered both at the undergraduate and graduate levels. It sets you apart from other applicants when an employer sees a certificate on your resume. 

eCornell’s Data Analytics Certificate Program

This certificate is intended to provide practical literacy in critical business analytics, whether students are collecting data or reviewing it to make recommendations. The courses are intended to help analysts who work directly with raw data and are open to learners with a basic statistical context. Via hands-on experiments and video training from Cornell University faculty expert Chris Anderson, students will learn mathematical and scientific techniques for data analysis, preparing them to make rational, evidence-based decisions that drive market success in every role.

The University of Texas at Austin’s  Data Analytics Certificate Program

This online Data Analytics Certificate Program shows you how to use a combination of predictive analytics and mathematical tools to solve a wide range of problems. The software is completely project-based and learn-by-doing, and even though it is entirely online, you would not be alone. You’ll interact with a small group of classmates in real-time, with the aid of an experienced tutor.

The Ohio State University’s Certification in Practice of Data Analytics

This program is delivered by the College of Engineering and is intended for people of every field or business who have a basic understanding of data analytics. This program currently provides six non-credit courses, of which at least four must be completed successfully to obtain a certificate of completion.

How long does it take to complete the Data Analytics Certificate Program?

Duration of data analytics certificate program varies by program provider, curriculum offered. Depending on the difficulty level of the certificate program, the time to complete the program can take less or more compared to bootcamp. Some programs are scheduled, in that students can access the course contents and video lectures only when they are available. And again, some certificate program offers pre-recorded video lectures so students can complete the course at their own pace. Below we mentioned some data analytics certificate programs and the duration of the program, so you get the idea of how long a certificate program in data analytics takes.

Duration of eCornell’s Data Analytics Certificate Program

This is a part-time program and can be completed in 9 weeks if students dedicate 3 – 5 hours per week.

Duration of The University of Texas at Austin’s  Data Analytics Certificate Program

Students who enrolled in a full-time program can complete this program in 20 weeks by dedicating 30 hours per week.

Students who enrolled in a part-time program can complete the program in 40 weeks by dedicating 15 hours per week

Duration of The Ohio State University’s Certification in Practice of Data Analytics

All the courses in this program are scheduled and prerecorded and students can complete the program in 16 weeks.

What do you learn In Data Analytics Certificate Programs?

What do you learn from eCornell’s Data Analytics Certificate Program?

Students can learn how to construct and analyze mathematical summaries and data visualizations to aid learning and decision-making in this course. This program will also help create a dashboard using data and key success metrics to enhance the knowledge of dynamic market scenarios, build a theoretical theory that can be evaluated using mathematical techniques to address a business question, create and evaluate regression models that can be used to assess the influence of different attributes on a decision and forecast possible outcomes. Using data to explain and minimize complexity in decision-making

Courses offered in eCornell’s Data Analytics Certificate Program

  • Understanding and Visualizing 
  • Using Predictive Data Analysis 
  • Implementing Scientific Decision Making 

What do you learn from the University of Texas at Austin’s  Data Analytics Certificate Program?

This program focuses on analyzing the large volume of data currently generated by companies and their clients and workers during online transactions in order to establish informed strategies. It is designed to improve the ability of experts in every area to use data analytics and big data when making decisions. Students will learn how to apply statistical machine learning and other methods to data sets and how to communicate with information technology and other experts in data processing, monitoring, and interpretation to better support decision-making. In addition to data analytics and data science preparation, you can undergo job counseling to assist you in securing jobs. Your mentor will assist you in building a digital portfolio that highlights your expertise and knowledge as a data analyst or data scientist, from mock interviews to resume assistance to portfolio creation.

Courses offered in University of Texas at Austin’s  Data Analytics Certificate Program

  • Data Analytics: Understanding Customers and Predicting Profitability       
  • Data Analytics: Predicting Customer Preferences           
  • Deep Analytics and Visualization    
  • Big Data: Web Mining           
  • Data Science with Python

Courses offered in The Ohio State University’s Certification in Practice of Data Analytics

  • Introductory Statistics for Data Analytics
  • Introduction to Data Mining
  • Introduction to Machine Learning
  • Neural Networks and Deep Learning
  • Practical Application to Advanced Analytics
  • Visual Analytics for Sensemaking  

How much does a Data Analytics Certificate Program Cost?

The tuition cost of a data analytics is determined by many factors like institution, courses offered, whether a student took the course part-time or full-time and so on. Typically, tuition cost of certificate program can range from $3,600 – $9,000.

Tuition cost of eCornell’s Data Analytics Certificate Program

Total tuition cost – $3,600

Tuition cost of The University of Texas at Austin’s  Data Analytics Certificate Program

Total tuition cost (Full-time) – $5,900

Total tuition cost (Part-time) – $6,900

Tuition cost of The Ohio State University’s Certification in Practice of Data Analytics

Total tuition cost – $4,050

What are the career benefits of doing a Certificate Program in Data Analytics?

According to Wikibon, global big data industry revenues for applications and services are forecast to rise at a CAGR of 10.48 percent from $42 billion in 2018 to $103 billion in 2027. Furthermore, by 2020, the United States is predicted to have 2.7 million job opportunities for data analytics and data science.

With more businesses discovering the usefulness of Big Data as a source for gathering information and making better choices, the need for data analytics professionals who can identify Big Data, discover hidden trends, spot opportunities, and generate insights for business improvement is increasing.

With the widespread adoption of big data, analytics are now being used in everything from aviation route planning to predictive maintenance forecasting in manufacturing plants. Retailers, for example, leverage analytics to boost customer satisfaction and optimize exclusive offers.

Simply placed, a certificate will boost the chances of getting hired. According to a Microsoft report, certificates played a significant role in the employee screening process for 91% of hiring managers. It’s not straightforward to acquire a respectable data analytics certificate, but if you do, you’ll have access to a plethora of lucrative opportunities. When you have the relevant certificates on your resume, it would certainly stand out from the crowd.

Job positions available after successfully completing the Data Analytics Bootcamp and Certificate Program

With technologies scaling new heights and the majority of the population acquiring internet connectivity, Big Data and data analytics have unquestionably become hot topics – and a growing need – in recent years. According to IBM, the number of computing specialists working in the United States will exceed 2,720,000 by 2020.

Before you devote the time to master a new skill set, you’ll always be wondering about the earning prospects of comparable occupations. Knowing how the new skills can be celebrated gives the necessary inspiration and meaning for learning.

Many corporations are hiring for these positions all around the world, both remotely and on-site. Here are a few noteworthy jobs, along with their median earnings as measured by popular job search websites.

  • Business Intelligence Analyst

Salary – $95,838

  • Data Analyst

Salary – $75,253

  • Data Scientist

Salary – $91,494

  • Data Engineer

Salary – $90,963

  • Quantitative Analyst

Salary – $82,879

Which one should I take – Data Analytics Bootcamp or Data Analytics Certificate?

The data analytics bootcamp programs are intensive programs and will teach students all the necessary skills, tools used in data analytics, and programming languages in less time. And also bootcamp covers all the necessary concepts from basics to advanced, which are essential in data analytics. So, students who don’t have prior experience or knowledge in data analytics or related field and wants to learn all the essential concepts of data analytics much faster, they should go for data analytics bootcamps. Since data analytics programs are intensive, they cost more compared to the certificate programs.

On the other hand, the data analytics certificate program digs deeper and introduces students the advanced topics. Since these certificate programs offer advanced coursework in data analytics, most of the programs require students to have 2 – 3 years of experience in data analytics or any other related field. The certificate programs also take more time to complete compared to bootcamp, usually between 8 weeks to 2 years depending on the coursework. And certificate programs less costly than the bootcamps. So these certificates are the best choice for people who already in a data analytics job and want to advance their knowledge in data analytics.

Data Analytics Bootcamp Vs  Data Analytics Certificate Program

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