What in unique about Online Health and Wellness master’s program offered at Purdue University?

Online public health classes at Purdue University are designed to meet the stringent CEPH (Council on Education for Public Health) accreditation standards. This means that students gain an accurate understanding of the functions, challenges, and processes of public health, as well as the skills to create and implement effective programs.

Some of the courses students learn from Public Health classes at Purdue University:

Theoretical Foundations of Health Behavior

The theoretical foundations of health actions are explored by coursework. In health promotion and education, students discuss the creation of a conceptual structure for recognizing and promoting behavior improvement, elimination, and or maintenance. Topics include current theories about behaviors related to health.

Introduction to Quantitative Methods of Public Health

The key objectives of this course are to familiarise students with the fundamental principles and techniques of statistics, their applications, and their understanding as used in public health. Students will study basic terminology and its definition, calculate different statistical indicators and indices, compute and interpret inferential statistical techniques, and quantify health relationships. Students will also acquire the ability to utilize the statistical software packages of Excel and SPSS as tools to facilitate the processing, editing, storing, displaying analysis, and interpretation of health research-related data.

Design and Analysis of Public Health Interventions

This course addresses professional skills in planning, implementing, evaluating, and disseminating health initiatives in community environments. Paradigms of program planning, health behavior determinants, and strategies for behavior change serve as a basis for analyzing health interventions.

International Health Systems

From an international perspective, this course is an introduction to public health priorities, highlighting the interdependent nature of health promotion and disease prevention issues across diverse regions and populations. Coursework explores the determinants of population health, the difference between developed and developing countries, and how they impact public health organizations’ health priorities, such as the World Health Organization, philanthropic foundations, and government agencies.

Public Health Program and Policy Evaluation

This three-credit course provides one of the methods required to evaluate the effectiveness of programs and policies for public health intervention or prevention. The course presents a variety of research designs for quantitative, qualitative, and mixed approaches and the application and tailoring of these designs to assessments.

Ref: Purdue University School of Nursing

Aim of the Online Health and Wellness master’s program at Purdue University

This course aims to educate advanced graduate students on the multidisciplinary challenges that occur in meeting the food and nutrition needs of a growing world population. The course aims to foster an appreciation of the importance of economics, food production, and technology, trade, culture, communication, political processes and institutions, demography, and related factors for the global determination of adequate food and health availability. Nutritional adequacy is the endpoint of this multi-disciplinary perspective, and most of the emphasis will be on variables that can avoid or restrict malnutrition.

Tuition Rate$555.00$750.00
Technology Fee$7.55$7.55
Repair and Rehabilitation Fee$11.25$11.25
Digital Education Fee$50.00$50.00
Total Cost Per Credit Hour$618.80$818.80
Total Credit Hours4242
Total Program Cost$25,989.60$34,389.60

Admission Requirements

  • Resume.
  • Bachelor’s degree with a GPA of 3.0 or equivalent.
  • Official Transcripts with transfer credit required.
  • 3 letters of recommendation.
  • 500- word personal statement.
  • TOFEL score for international students.

Total Courses offered for Online Health and Wellness master’s program at Purdue University is 14 courses.
The Total Credit Hours of the program is 42.
The program duration for the program is min 2 years.

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