What kind of jobs can you get with a Master’s in Public Health Administration?

The Master in Public Health (MPH) delivers a flexible degree geared to a specific career direction, with classes exploring the convergence of illness, social and behavioral sciences, biostatistics, environmental education, and health policy.

The degree normally takes around two years to complete, while programs can provide accelerated formats for practitioners already in the field. Students who take part-time classes can have to graduate longer. An MPH graduation will allow practitioners to obtain a range of positions in the area of public health. Many students grow as epidemiologists, who are specialists on disease transmission.

What is Public Health Administration?

Public health administration is concerned with the administration, maintenance, and management of health care facilities such as hospitals, networks, and public health systems. A Master’s degree in Public Health (MPHA) is deemed to be a specialist in health care. Many who are graduates of MPHA may be either general practitioners who are responsible for the management of an entire facility or professionals in the management of a single agency.

Career opportunities available for Public Health Administrator

MPH students who specialize in education often become community health educators. The BLS reports that these professionals make median earnings of nearly $47,000, and the projected job growth from 2019 to 2029 could reach 13%, much faster than the national average for all occupations.

Job titles of Public Health Administrator

You can reach the health sector in a number of environments if you have an MPHA degree. Whatever position you chose, the culture in which you work would be motivated to adapt positively. There are tens of thousands of companies for which you can work, both in this country and overseas, so an exact profession can be hard to pinpoint. However, through your research, you should be directed by a career counselor to help you find the work which is right for you.

That being said, some of the roles you may frequently be given include:

  • Employed in consultancy services, pharmaceutical corporations, and disposable materials and machinery manufacturers’ supply divisions
  • Working alongside federal, state, or local government agencies to implement new strategies on health care
  • Working with NGOs, such as the American Hospital Association or the Red Cross, and non-profit organizations.

From middle managers of small health care organizations to CEOs in major regional hospitals, many with MPHA degrees can be located everywhere. You will usually have to start from the bottom and work up to certain positions your way. 

Health and Safety Engineer

Health and safety engineers mainly work in research and engineering facilities, but they are still hired by the government and in manufacturing. Health and safety engineers have traditionally used manufacturing to aid in reducing prices and to produce cleaner quality goods and safer working conditions. A health and safety engineer’s task is to develop processes and practices that keep ill or disabled people from getting sick. In order to solve often challenging, multi-faceted challenges, health, and safety engineers must have keen analytical thinking, observational and problem-solving skills along with creativity. Potential hazards will be identified by health and safety engineers, compliance with health and safety regulations will be ensured, safety programs reviewed, and accidents investigated.

The average salary for a Health and Safety Engineer is $91,410

Medical and Health Service Manager

Through managing and organizing clinical services, a healthcare services manager serves a clinic, department, or group of doctors. A healthcare manager’s main objective is to improve the quality and efficiency of healthcare services. Duties range from billing and scheduling at board meetings or with governing bodies, to representing their team. Healthcare administrators operate in hospitals, nursing homes, ambulatory health services, clinics, and rarely in a government position (also known as medical and health service managers or healthcare executives).

The average salary for a Medical and Health Service Manager is $100,980

Other job title of Public Health Administrator includes:

  • Evaluation specialist
  • Program manager
  • Program director
  • Project director
  • Program coordinator
  • Public health policy analyst
  • Public health advisor
  • Public health consultant
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