What Should the High School Seniors Do This Summer

Summer vacations are about to begin and this is the best period for the high school seniors to start preparing for their college admission procedure, which will commence with the SAT 2 test preparations & testing, followed by Early Action applications and Regular Action applications. These three months you can either while away your time enjoying the sun or utilize in gearing up for the admission season awaiting to haunt your day and night as soon as the school reopens.

Ideally, these are the things that a college bound high-school senior student must do during the summer vacations:

Prepare Well for the SAT Reasoning Test: If you are planning to send your SAT scores and applications for the Early Action programs of the various colleges, then you got to take the exam latest by October. This is the time when you can work on the difficult areas and aim to improve your scores by more than a couple of hundred marks to get the perfect SAT score.

Look for Colleges: Start looking for colleges that suit your requirement. Search for them on the internet and take recommendations from your peers and seniors who may have returned home for their vacations. Check for costs and other budgetary parts and select your colleges accordingly.

Research Scholarships: Given the high cost of education, almost 90 percent of the students require scholarships to attend regular colleges. This is the best time to undertake the scholarship search, both merit based and need based. Understand the process for government funded scholarships also and take down the application deadlines for them too.

Community Services: Take up community based services in these three months because they look good on resume. We sincerely hope that you have done that in the previous years as well, as the colleges favor students with an active social conscience.

Summer Jobs!: Working for two to three hours a day won’t hurt and won’t interfere with your SAT prep activities. And before you know it, at the end of the three months you would have made some big bucks (relative to your age group) and spend them as you wish to. The job experience you gain on the job is pretty much valuable too.

Summer School: By the time your vacation starts, you have made it a point to stop thinking about anything to do with schools and here we are asking you to join summer schools. Well, nobody is asking you to join fulltime school but opt for such courses that will help you in deciding electives for your senior school.

Social Networking: Oh at this your face must have lit up for sure, isn’t it? Facebook and Twitter have started influencing the college admission process and therefore, it is a good thing to follow the college blogs on twitter and join the college fan page on Facebook. Here you get a good idea about what the colleges are up to and the admission policies.

Read a lot: Reading always helps and reading never hurts. You acquire loads of knowledge; increase your reading speed for the critical reading section of SAT test and get something interesting to read and discuss with your friends.

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