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statement of purposeYou’re ready to continue on your journey towards academic success. Only now, you wish to experience the academic life as an American graduate student. The next step will hopefully land you in a masters program in the United States. It’s now about writing an effective SOP to impressively introduce yourself. There is a lot of material needed to complete your grad-school application packet. Your Statement of Purpose is by far the most essential document of them all. A statement of purpose is required to exhibit and detail how you will be an attribute to the graduate school in which you are applying. It can become an overwhelming task when you consider the role it plays in your college acceptance. This one document is intended to set you apart from several hundred applicants. In terms of requirements, graduate schools have several student expectations. Your statement of purpose should assure them that you are the student who can exceed such expectations.

When writing an effective SOP take into consideration that yours is one of the hundreds submitted. It’s critical that you know exactly how you’re going to stand apart from other graduate applicants. Share those qualities which make you unique from others, from an academic standpoint. Express how your enrollment would contribute to their reputation, as a recommended educational institution. It’s imperative to highlight your assets as a student. There are various factors which make you original and unique. Figure out a way to vividly convey why you deserve to attend that particular graduate school. Writing an effective statement of purpose is your introduction to admissions absent from your presence. This means an impressive one is not about what you’ve achieved throughout your academic career. It’s about, getting admissions to see be confident that you are deserving of admittance. It’s about creating an SOP which virtually places you in front of the admittance committee.

Creating an outline before production of your statement should be the first task. This way you can see how your statement is going to reflect you as a valuable asset to their school. It should be broken down into elements which explain who you are. Keep placing those attractive academic qualities into your outline to assure you’re painting a clear image of capabilities.  As a foreign student, it’s important to mention your financial advantage. Briefly stress the fact that you are capable of funding your own education if needed. This includes all academic living expenses, home travel, and tuition. Other than finances, the SOP is pretty standard to those which American students must submit.

Sample Introduction

This body part of your SOP should detail the basic information in the beginning. Your name, your age, and overall character. In terms of upbringing, motivational influences,  home-life, and values, you can bring notice to yourself. This introduction should begin as intriguing as possible. This could be established through confidence and other qualities projecting through the essay.

Standing out from your fellow applicants is a key element. Try not to begin your SOP generically. Refrain from introductions like;

“Hello my name is Sarah Vaughan, a 23-year-old student from the University of California, I have always wanted to attend your master’s program. I think you will find me to be a driven and ambitious student. I always wanted to attend an ivy league college and that’s why my heart is set on your institution”.

Instead, it’s better, to begin with, a  confident and discussion style voice. The introduction could make a better impression if it starts like;

“Please allow me to first express my sincere gratitude, in your committee taking time to review my statement of purpose. As an inspiring defense attorney, I would want nothing more at this time than to be considered for your master’s program. Your reputation as an educational institution is one high caliber. I have always been impressed with the number of successful attorneys who exit your program. I, Samantha Perez, a self -motivated a 21-year-old student, vow to utilizes my collective education as my vehicles for continuing academic success.”

Doesn’t have to read exactly like the example. However, you can see the first applicant’s introduction appeared generic and ordinary. There were probably a few hundred which read in the same manner. In the second example, the student appeared more confident while providing a more personal introduction.

Certain questions should be answered by the end of your statement of purpose. Following are the key facts about you, which are to be evident after the committee has reviewed your SOP.

Answer the question, who are you?

  • Speak of your most valued qualities as a student
  • If you can then mention your family upbringing and background in regards to commitment and education
  • Your interest in entering a US graduate program

Share your reasons for wanting enrollment for US program?

  • Compliment the school’s reputation
  • Reveal any research you have done on their program
  • Limit this to two facts
  • Share any information which lowers your interest in their school
  • Mention any notable professionals you know from their alumni

What motivates you or feeds your ambition?

  • Speak of your values and how they contribute to who you are as a student and future professional.
  • Find a way to make your career driven determination apparent to the committee panel.
  • Highlight customs or values from your country which  will  assist in your success in an American grad program

Why should you be considered for a United States Graduate Program?

SOP for US Graduate Programs

Writing an Effective SOP

As an international student, your education system is quite different from the US. It is difficult for the admission committee to gauge you on your academic strength and ranking or reputation of your school or college.

You have to explain your exact skill set as it relates to education and career. Speak about those strong skills you possess that will be utilized in your profession of choice. State any classes, programs or experiences which show your interest or desired involvement in the program.

Another important aspect to get across to the committee is the strength of your English skills. If English is your second language then you must convince the committee that you are able to learn and keep up without any language barriers. All classes are conducted in English unless the class teaches an alternative language. You will be expected to speak, read, and write in English, so this fact is extremely important to mention.

Writing an effective SOP is simply a means for you to descriptively introduce yourself as a professional student. This is how you bring notice to your SOP. By applying the previously mentioned guidelines, you may increase the possibilities of being accepted into the graduate program of your dreams.


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