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School of Science, Technology, Engineering Math (STEM). The online graduate certificate in space studies from American Public University (APU) provides advanced instruction in orbital mechanics, past and current space exploration endeavors, remote sensing, and the role of space in support of modern warfare. Increase your knowledge of spacecraft maneuvers, including transfer orbits and rendezvous. Enhance your understanding of organizations critical to the technological advance of American space. Study the political and commercial significance of major national and international space missions, projects, and operations. Understand key factors and events that shaped both the civilian and military exploration of space. Program of interest (You can modify it later). MUST BE TAKEN AS THE SECOND COURSE IN THE SPACE STUDIES PROGRAM. This course is designed to build the student ability to organize and conduct research in the space studies discipline, and to enable the student to present findings in a clear, concise, coherent manner. It is devoted to thinking research logically, creatively, critically, structurally and scientifically. Course material covers qualitative research designs, theory building, role of argumentation in presenting a research report (thesis), as well as describing and analyzing quantitative variables. IT IS HIGHLY RECOMMENDED THAT YOU HAVE PREVIOUSLY COMPLETED COLLEGE ALGEBRA BEFORE TAKING THIS COURSE. It describes on the main concentrations in Space Studies: Astronomy, Aerospace Science, Space Policy, and Space Entrepreneurship. It also focuses on the technical writing proficiency expectation for graduate study and the importance of the peer review process in scientific literature. The course explores both current and future directions in NASA space exploration.
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