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The types of industry settings where this knowledge might be applied include sports marketing agencies, intercollegiate athletics, interscholastic athletics, professional sport franchises, and recreational services.

Advance your knowledge of the scope of the industry, the unique aspects of sports management, and the nature of sport in the 21st century with our sports management certificate online program.

Recognize the impact of laws, rules, and regulations on the sports industry.

Distinguish and interpret how the sports industry is influenced by economic and financial pressures.

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This course studies the sports industry across all of its disciplines, functions, economics, leaders, and organizations. It is a macro view of sports as a major component of the modern corporate, social, economic, and recreation world. The industry is studied in detail in many different aspects as it exists in society. The history, contemporary situation, and future outlook of the sports industry are addressed.

This course is an introduction to sports-related legal issues and concepts. Its focus is on providing an of the major legal issues associated with sports, sports management, and the sports industry. Students will conduct research, read, and write on issues associated with the sports legal industry. Topics include but are not limited to discrimination, legislation, regulation and rights, competition, contract, labor, tort and trademark law, and administrative, antitrust and constitutional law.

This course focuses on the marketing, promotions, public relations, and communications involved in the multi-billion dollar sports industry. The course provides research, case analysis, and other opportunities to learn of the effective principles, theories, practices, and methods involved with all aspects of sports communications.

The main thrust of this course is the application of principles and practices of financial management, as it applies to organizations in the sport industry. This course seeks to develop the financial skills necessary to gain an understanding of an array of financial concepts that impact sport managers. Students will examine financial strategies related to sport entities and organizations and will be introduced to current economic and financial issues that impact the sport industry. Included in the course are the basics of accounting, budgets and budgeting systems, performance measures creation, and financial statement evaluation for the purpose of cost analysis and planning. Other topics include budget development, funding, capital projects, economic impact, and and demand in the sport industry.

This course provides students with the fundamental knowledge and skills for designing and managing sport and recreation facilities and organizing sport events. Included in the course are topics related to planning for events and tournaments, scheduling of facilities and events, and overall management of events. Students will examine several different types of sporting events from local tournaments to the Olympics. The course will also delineate the factors involved in the planning, design and management of events while examining the social, economic and environmental impacts of sporting events on the host community. Throughout the course students are encouraged to attend and or volunteer at sporting events to put the course knowledge in to practice.

This course focuses on the entrepreneurial opportunities in the sports industry, to include sports management, sports franchise, sports agency, and small sports business management professions and programs. The course focuses heavily on the business plan, financial, and planning issues associated with entrepreneurial and small business ventures. Students will develop their own entrepreneurial sports plan as an independent research project for this course.

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18 Credit hours
No GRE Required
Yes Scholarships Available

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0 Post-master's certificate
29 Postbaccalaureate certificate

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Graduate Certificate program in Sport and Fitness Management

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