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Online Graduate Certificate in Sports Analytics and Management.

School of Professional and Extended Studies Graduate Certificate Programs.

Graduate Certificate in Human Resource Analytics and Management.

Examples of technology and analytics in sports management are everywhere. Virtual reality. Interactive spectatorship. Mobile technology. Fantasy sports. E-sports gaming. Social media. Performance data analytics. To succeed, you need to drive these initiatives to maximize profits.

Examine the impact of social networking and messaging on the sports industry.

Assess emerging trends in sports and the effects of ever-changing technologies on sports and society.

Make strategic and ethical decisions that improve relationships with sports agencies, clients, and the community.

Comprehend and create strategies for improving the outreach of sports organizations.

Take four courses in this 12-credit program to gain expert-level knowledge in emergent technology as it relates to data-driven decision making, strategic management, sports analytics, social engagement, and evaluation.

PROF 660: Data-Driven Decision Making (3 credit hours)The primary goal of this course is to explore quantitative and qualitative tools and methods used to evaluate, present, and communicate data (big and small). Students will also learn summarize and communicate findings to stakeholders so that they may make informed decisions that will improve the overall quality and efficiency of an organization. Topics include asking the right questions of data, constructing Statements of Work for performance and impact evaluation, conducting t-tests, ANOVA, ANCOVA, matching, differences in differences, regression discontinuity in program evaluation, and disseminating quantitative findings. No prerequisites.

SAM 610: Sports Analytics Social Engagement (3 credit hours)Learn to control messaging and social engagement to improve brand awareness and profits by examining analytics. and the role of sports in American society.

SPEX 650: Evaluation: Quantitative Methods (3 credit hours)This course explores quantitative methods in project planning, monitoring, and evaluation. It provides opportunities for students to design quantitative evaluations and apply statistical measures to test hypotheses. They will develop an understanding of an often intimidating and difficult subject with an approach that is informative, personable, and clear as they are guided through various statistical procedures, beginning with descriptive statistics, correlation, and graphical representation of data through inferential techniques, variance, and .

Gap between current trends and the workforce to provide graduates an immediate competitive edge in the sports management industry.

Technology and Data is Shaping the Next Generation of Sports Management.

The importance of analytics and evaluative technologies is increasing throughout sports-related career organizations. As a result, professionals who possess skills in both emerging technologies and analytics are finding a growing number of opportunities in an array of sports industry segments.

American University Graduate Certificate in Sports Analytics and Management is taught by sports management professionals that are active in the field. Students benefit from their industry insights and connections, providing them with relevant skills that employers are seeking and potential employment opportunities.

Prepares students for the 21st-century workplace through offering specialized, experiential, and data-driven programs.

Master of Arts in Strategic Communication, Advocacy and Social Impact Concentration.

Master of Arts in Strategic Communication, Digital Communications Strategies and Analytics Concentration.

Master of Science in Counter-Terrorism and land Security.

Master of Science in Human Resource Analytics and Management.

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20 Months Duration
12 Credit hours
Yes GRE Required
No Scholarships Available

Composition of student population

0 Post-master's certificate
38 Postbaccalaureate certificate

Tuition for Sport and Fitness Management graduate program at American University

$35,524 In-state Tuition & Fees
$35,524 Out-of-state Tuition & Fees

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Graduate Certificate program in Sport and Fitness Management

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