Binghamton University

East Asian Studies graduate certificate programs at Binghamton University

The Asian Asian American Studies Certificate is an interdisciplinary program consisting of eight courses that provides students with (1) a thorough understanding of both Asian and Asian American histories, experiences, and contemporary issues and (2) multi-disciplinary and multi-method research, analysis, and critical thinking skills, both of which prepare students for the increasingly diverse, globalized, and interconnected world of the 21st century. By the mid-1990s, three significant trends became increasingly prominent across many colleges around the U.S. (1) a recognition of the growing importance of globalized international affairs, particularly focused on Asia (2) the political, economic, and cultural growth of the Asian American population and (3) demographic trends and a large increase in the number of Asian and Asian American students enrolling in college. As a reflection of these developments, many students and scholars pushed for the expansion of Asian Studies and Asian American Studies at their campuses. In the late 1990s, students at UMass Amherst engaged in numerous forms of activism, including protests and occupying the administration building, to demand the creation of an Asian American Studies program. Since then, the Asian Asian American Studies Certificate Program has graduated dozens of students from diverse personal and academic backgrounds who have gone on to apply their knowledge and skills in numerous careers and pursuits. As U.S. society becomes diverse, multicultural, and globalized, and in the context of the cultural and economic emergence of Asian countries such as China and India, the Asian Asian American Studies Certificate gives students the opportunity to learn the interconnections between two similar but unique sets of histories, cultures, and issues Asia and Asian America. In turn, these skills will give the student a competitive advantage in both their studies at UMass and in whatever career they enter once they graduate.