Graduate Programs at Boston University

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As one of the most celebrated universities in the United States, Boston University offers a wide array of graduate programs under its 17 schools and colleges including the College of Arts & Science (CAS), College of Health & Rehabilitation Sciences: Sargent College, Faculty of Computing & Data Sciences (CDS), and Frederick S. Pardee School of Global Studies among others. 

The university with its two campuses- Charles River campus and Medical campus offers around 300 graduate programs across various disciplines including Arts and Sciences, Engineering, Law, Business, and the like.  

Graduate Acceptance Rate at Boston University

Graduate student admission rates at Boston University have varied significantly between programs and have typically trended downward over time, indicating an increase in the university's selectivity. Acceptance rates decreased from 29.4% in 2016-2017 to 18.9% in 2019-2020, with a modest rise expected to 20.8% in 2024-2025.

Furthermore, separate graduate programs at Boston University have diverse acceptance rates, demonstrating the different degrees of demand and selectivity inherent in each program.

  • School of Theology - 70%
  • College of Engineering - 36%​​.
  • Questrom School of Business - 49%
  • School of Public Health - 35%​​.
  • Graduate School of Arts and Sciences - 30%

Total graduate students enrolled for 2022-23 admission:

  • Full-time: 11,639
  • Part-time: 6,837
  • Total: 18,476

Students enrolled in top 10 Master's programs at Boston University:

- Biology Masters Program  

  • Applicants : 169
  • Admits: 36
  • Admitted: 21%
  • Enrolled: 11

- Computer Science Masters Program

  • Applicants : 1,382
  • Admits: 388
  • Admitted: 28%
  • Enrolled: 74

- Psychology Masters Program

  • Applicants : 296
  • Admits: 147
  • Admitted: 50%
  • Enrolled: 27

- Economics Masters Program

  • Applicants : 814
  • Admits: 618
  • Admitted: 76%
  • Enrolled: 101

- Pardee – International Relations Masters Program

  • Applicants : 27
  • Admits: 17
  • Admitted: 63%
  • Enrolled: 2

- Biology-Cell/Molecular/Genetics Masters Program

  • Applicants : 169
  • Admits: 36
  • Admitted: 21%
  • Enrolled : 11

- Mathematics Masters Program

  • Applicants : 18
  • Admits: 8
  • Admitted: 44%
  • Enrolled : 2

- Biostatistics Masters Program

  • Applicants : 151
  • Admits: 107
  • Admitted: 71%
  • Enrolled : 10

- Economic Policy Masters Program

  • Applicants : 103
  • Admits: 74
  • Admitted: 72%
  • Enrolled : 9

- Pardee – Statistical Practice Masters Program

  • Applicants : 511
  • Admits: 182
  • Admitted: 36%
  • Enrolled : 34

Graduate Tuition at Boston University

The total cost of attendance incorporates tuition and fees, as well as estimates and allowances for indirect expenses such as room, board, books, supplies, transportation, and incidental and personal expenses. The tuition costs vary from program to program. For instance, the tuition fees for the College of Engineering graduate program is $63,798

  • The total cost of attendance for Chobanian and Avedisian School of Medicine for 4 years is $3,98,462.
  • College of Engineering’s graduate program costs $86,234.
  • The fees for the Faculty of computing and data sciences is $85,824.
  •  The total cost of attendance for metropolitan college is $85,632.
  • The school of law’s fees for 3 years is $2,59,848

Are there early decision or early action choices for applicants to Boston University's Graduate programs?

Boston University offers early decision policy on two timelines- ED 1 or regular ED and ED 2. The reason for the two timelines is to allow students to have more time before making the admission decision. It also gives them time to visit college campuses and make an ideal choice for themselves.

Are transfer credits from previous graduate studies recognized by Boston University?

Yes, Boston University accepts transfer credits from other accredited graduate schools on recommendation of the chair or program director. on recommendation of the chair or program director. For MA or MS degree programs, no more than eight credits can be transferred from other universities. The credits must have been taken within the past five years.

Where do Boston University graduate students typically find employment, and what is the average salary range following the completion of a master’s degree?

Boston University provides various ways to graduate students for career development. There are university-wide resources including CareerShift. It is a digital tool that enhances the job search experience and is now available to all degree-seeking students at Boston University. Handshake is another BU online hub for career resources, including internship and job listings in the U.S. and abroad, career-related events and programs, and employer activities on campus. Boston University also works with VMock to bring students a new and improved experience of reviewing resumes. 

Graduate Programs Offered

191 Graduate Programs Offered
174 Master’s Programs Offered
93 PHD Programs Offered

Graduate Students Enrollment Count

42047 Students enrolled (Undergraduate & Graduate)
19373 Students Enrolled (Only Graduate Programs)
2762 Students Enrolled in Online Programs
354 International Students Enrolled

Graduate Tuition

$57,666 In-state tuition & fees
$57,666 Out-state tuition & fees

Boston University offers the following Graduate Programs:

Boston University Graduate Program - Area, Ethnic, Cultural, Gender And Group Studies
Boston University Graduate Program - Education and Teaching
Boston University Graduate Program - Foreign Languages, Cultures, Literature and Linguistics
Boston University Graduate Program - English Language, Literature and Cultural Studies
Boston University Graduate Program - Applied Mathematics and Statistics
Boston University Graduate Program - Mathematics and Statistical Science
Boston University Graduate Program - Multi/Interdisciplinary Studies
Boston University Graduate Program - Parks, Recreation, Leisure And Fitness Studies
Boston University Graduate Program - Atmospheric and Physical Sciences
Boston University Graduate Program - Homeland Security, Law Enforcement, Firefighting
Boston University Graduate Program - Public Administration And Social Service
Boston University Graduate Program - Social Sciences and Studies
Boston University Graduate Program - Fine, Visual, Applied and Performing Arts

Graduate Programs with highest enrollment

Boston University most popular Master's Degree programs with respect to the students enrolled in the top 5 most popular graduate programs

  • Business Administration and Management -MBA : 394
  • Social Work : 355
  • Finance : 254
  • Law : 227
  • Dentistry : 202