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Boston University in total awarded Graduate Assistantship for 3200 students.

Assistantship in Teaching was awarded to 1348 Graduate Assistant students.

Assistantship in Research was awarded to 1221 Graduate Assistant students.

A $10,000 scholarship is awarded to provide support for underrepresented minority graduate students enrolled in the BU College of Communication with preference given to students who are graduates of Claflin University angeburg, S.C. The BU Alumni Scholarship is designed to support recent Boston University graduates who are committed to furthering their education and pursuing excellence in the field of communication. Students that switch to part-time status become ineligible for the scholarship. This scholarship is contingent upon enrollment in the College of Communication for a fall 2021 start date. Please be aware that this scholarship will replace any other COM merit scholarship previously awarded, and cannot exceed the total cost of tuition and fees when combined with other outside or BU scholarship. The 2020 2021 Jonathan Walton Memorial Scholarship will provide an annual scholarship of $2,500 to one deserving graduate student at the Boston University College of Communication. The Jonathan Walton scholarship is designed to support underrepresented minority groups that include, but are not limited to, students who identify as Black, African-American, Caribbean, and or Caribbean-American on the basis of financial need. To apply: The 2020 2021 Jonathan Walton Memorial Scholarship Application is now closed. All full-time students who apply for admission are also automatically considered for some COM assistantships. COM assistantships may include teaching, research, grading or other employment opportunities at the college. Any enrolled student informed of an assistantship opportunity in their admission letter will be assigned a specific role position over the summer. Students who are not awarded an assistantship in their admission letter can apply for assistantships as positions become available. Though a student may hold than one assistantship in COM, the number of total weekly hours may not exceed 20 across all University employment. Assistantships are paid by a pre-set semester stipend.

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