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Brown University

Development Economics and International Development doctoral programs at Brown University

Brown University awarded 90 Doctoral degree in research/scholarship, 2 Doctoral degree in professional practice and 0 Doctoral degree in other fields in year 2022. Professional development is an integral part of graduate education. In coordination with offices and centers across campus, the Graduate School helps graduate students develop the skills they need to succeed in both the academic and non-academic worlds. The University provides abundant opportunities for students to develop as teachers, scholars, speakers, and researchers. The Graduate School encourages students to develop an Individual Development Plan to map out career goals and the steps of their professional development. Doctoral students can take advantage of Brown distinctive development opportunities. Also view a Resume CV workshop for PhD students video (spring 2021). Development opportunities include advanced teaching opportunities, Global Mobility grants and research travel funds, interdisciplinary scholarly opportunities at Centers and Institutes, communications workshops and public research talks, and a series exploring careers in higher education administration. The Graduate Community Fellows Program is an opportunity for graduate students to cultivate community, leadership, collaboration, and problem solving skills through developing and implementing initiatives that strengthen the Brown graduate community and foster a culture that respects and celebrates diversity, inclusion and equity. Publishing is one measure of student development. The Graduate School is pleased to celebrate and acknowledge publishing success: Please email your accomplishments to [email protected]. Developing teaching and presentation skills are measures of your development, whether you aim to teach, conduct research, or be a leader at a federal agency, a museum, or think tank. English language and acculturation training is available to incoming international students during the summer, through a collaborative effort of the Center for Language Studies (CLS) and the Graduate School. Presenting papers at professional conferences is important to doctoral students' academic careers and growth as professionals, and is relevant experience for careers both inside and outside of academe.