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Brown University is a private university and has a tuition of $57,112. This tuition makes it relatively expensive among Best National Universities in the country.

Among all private universities in the state of Rhode Island, it is ranked 100 in terms of cost and is relatively expensive.

The in-state tuition at Brown University has increased by 11%, from $51,366 in 2021 to $57,112 in 2022

Yes, Brown University accepts employer vouchers that are not contingent upon receipt of grades. Students whose employers or sponsors reimburse them for tuition and fees after receipt of grades must pay in full upon receipt of the Student Account Statement to avoid interest, late fees, and or cancellation of registration. Under all circumstances, the charges for tuition and fees remain the responsibility of the student.

How does Graduate / Master’s degree program tuition for Brown University compares with other universities in Rhode Island?

Roger Williams University School of Law : $17,842

University of Rhode Island : $26,512

Roger Williams University : $15,768

How does Graduate / Master’s program tuition of Brown University compare with similar ranked National Universities?

Saint Mary's University of Minnesota : $9,180

Northwestern University : $56,067

University of Miami : $37,800

How does Graduate / Master’s program tuition of Brown University compare with private National Universities?

Arkansas Colleges of Health Education : $30,000

Millsaps College : $23,568

Emory University : $42,800

National Universities which have similar tuition as Brown University for Graduate program

Albany Law School $51,254

Rhodes College $50,910

The Catholic University of America $50,340

Northwestern University $56,567

King's College $52,247

Christie's Education $67,049

Georgetown University $53,591

Lebanon Valley College $50,350

Vassar College $61,010

School of Visual Arts $48,600

Hendrix College $49,500

Vanderbilt University $50,624

Touro University Nevada $48,438

University of Southern California $48,715

Brooklyn Law School $62,021

Universities in Rhode Island which have tuition similar to Brown University for Master's Degree Program

Rhode Island School of Design $54,890