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Psychology Graduate program Tuition for in state students $50,487
Out of State Average Full Time Tuition for Psychology Graduate Program $50,487
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Psy 101.Selected Topics in Psychology.Units to be determined by arrangement with the instructor:offered by announcement.Instructor: Staff.

Psy CNS 105 ab.Frontiers in Neuroeconomics.5 units (1.5-0-3.5):third term.The new discipline of Neuroeconomics seeks to understand the mechanisms underlying human choice behavior, born out of a confluence of approaches derived from Psychology, Neuroscience and Economics. This seminar will consider a variety of emerging themes in this new field. Some of the topics we will address include the neural bases of reward and motivation, the neural representation of utility and risk, neural systems for inter-temporal choice, goals vs habits, and strategic interactions. We will also spend time evaluating various forms of computational and theoretical models that underpin the field such as reinforcement-learning, Bayesian models and race to barrier models. Each week we will focus on key papers and or book chapters illustrating the relevant concepts.Instructor: O'Doherty.

Psy 115.Social Psychology.9 units (3-0-6):first term.The study of how people think other people and behave toward or around others. Topics include social cognition and emotions (theory of mind and empathy), their development from childhood to old age, impairments in social functions, altruism and cooperation, social groups (ingroup and outgroup), attribution and stereotypes. The class also presents evidence on how these social phenomena are implemented in the human brain and introduces behavioral and neuroscientific methods used in social psychology and social neuroscience.Instructors: Tusche, Charpentier.

Psy 125.Reading and Research in Psychology.Same as Psy 25, but for graduate credit:.Not available for credit toward humanities-social science requirement. Not offered 2018-19.

Psychology is projected to grow 14 percent from 2016 to 2026, faster than average for all occupations Median pay for Psychology in 2018 was 95710$. The number of jobs were 13310.

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