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California Lutheran University

Graduate Scholarship and teaching assistantship at California Lutheran University

Incoming freshman and transfer applicants with superior talent in the areas of Music, Theatre Arts, or Visual Art can and audition for a VAPA Scholarship prior to enrolling at Cal Lutheran. Music and Theatre Arts Scholarships can be awarded up to $30,000 and are renewable for subsequent years. To for the VAPA Scholarship applicant must complete the application form and audition. All students ing for this scholarship must audition or submit a portfolio to be eligible. Music scholarships are offered to students who exhibit great promise as musicians and composers. Scholarship recipients are expected to show leadership in music department ensembles, productions, and maintain a record of academic excellence. VAPA scholarships are awarded individually, and requirements for maintaining the scholarship will vary among recipients. All requirements will be outlined in the scholarship offer letter. VAPA scholarships in music are available to all Cal Lutheran students regardless of major. All applicants are strongly encouraged to attend the university Performing Arts Scholarship Audition Day. In-person auditions are not necessary for music production scholarship applicants. Auditions are not required for the Visual Art Scholarship. Students may audition for scholarships within the Multimedia, Music, Theatre Arts, and Visual Art categories however, if offered multiple VAPA scholarships, the student can only accept an award from one department and must decline all other offers. The VAPA Scholarship replaces any academic scholarship, Presidential Scholarship, or Public Price Promise Scholarship the student was awarded. Students cannot receive an Academic Scholarship , the Public Price Promise Scholarship, and the VAPA Scholarship at the same time.