Carnegie Mellon University

Carnegie Mellon University is a private university and has a tuition of $43,815. This tuition makes it relatively expensive among Best National Universities in the countryand relatively expensive among all private universities.

Among all private universities in the state of Pennsylvania, it is ranked 86 in terms of cost and is relatively expensive.

The in-state tuition at Carnegie Mellon University has increased by 7%, from $50,665 in 2019 to $54,244 in 2020

Tuition for out of state and international students is $54,244.

Students will pay tuition and fees to Allegheny College from their freshman through junior years. They will pay tuition and fees to Carnegie Mellon for their graduate program for four semesters beyond the completion of thir junior year. Allegheny College students also will be responsible for paying a maintenance fee to Allegheny College while enrolled at Carnegie Mellon in their senior year.

How does Graduate / Master’s degree program tuition for Carnegie Mellon University compares with other universities in Pennsylvania?

Duquesne University : $23,112

Gratz College : $12,132

Pennsylvania State University-Penn State Fayette- Eberly : $26,026

How does Graduate / Master’s program tuition of Carnegie Mellon University compare with similar ranked National Universities?

Andrews University : $26,520

University of California-San Diego : $26,544

University of California-Los Angeles : $26,544

How does Graduate / Master’s program tuition of Carnegie Mellon University compare with private National Universities?

Strayer University-Pennsylvania : $14,790

Miami International University of Art & Design-Art Institute Dallas : $14,208

New York Theological Seminary : $15,960

National Universities which have similar tuition as Carnegie Mellon University for Graduate program

Adelphi University $40,750

Albany Law School $47,260

Rhodes College $47,580

Catholic University of America $46,180

Alfred University $36,055

Universities in Pennsylvania which have tuition similar to Carnegie Mellon University for Master's Degree Program

King's College $42,576

Lebanon Valley College $46,630

Moore College of Art and Design $44,200

Pennsylvania State University-Penn State Great Valley $40,074

Pennsylvania State University-College of Medicine $38,466