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Students Enrolled in Columbia University in the City of New York graduate programs : 1294

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Masters degree in Psychology awarded to 7 students
International Students 269
Female students 720


Psychology Graduate program Tuition for in state students $46,216
Out of State Average Full Time Tuition for Psychology Graduate Program $46,216
Psychology Columbia College

The Department of Psychology offers students a comprehensive curriculum in psychological science, including research methods, cognition, neuroscience, developmental, social, and clinical areas. The curriculum prepares majors for graduate education in these fields and also provides a relevant background for social work, education, medicine, law, and business. Psychology course offerings are designed to meet the varying needs and interests of students, from those wishing to explore a few topics in psychology or to fulfill the science requirement, to those interested in majoring in Psychology or in Neuroscience and Behavior.


The Department of Psychology offers courses in the science of psychology, experimental psychology, the brain and behavior, cognition, decision making, drugs and behavior, personality development, social cognition, evolution and behavior, psychopathology, consciousness, cognitive neuroscience, relationships, statistics for behavioral scientists, perception, animal behavior, abnormal behavior, child development. The department also offers seminars and individualized research.

Psychology is projected to grow 14 percent from 2016 to 2026, faster than average for all occupations Median pay for Psychology in 2018 was 95710$. The number of jobs were 13310.

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