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1934 students enrolled in Creighton University distance education graduate program.

Education Secondary School Teaching (Master of Education). Make a lasting impact on young minds in the classroom with a master of education in Secondary School Teaching. Make education your passion and influence the lives of the next generation through Creighton University’s MEd in Secondary School Teaching. This 14-month accelerated master’s program is perfect for:. Recent college graduates interested in preparing for a career in teaching. Professionals looking to transition from a non-teaching career field into a teaching role within a secondary school classroom. Learn through a teacher residency model designed to put theory to practice. This unique program utilizes a teacher residency model a cutting-edge method of instruction that blends online coursework with real-world experience and application. Through this model, you will:. Begin courses in June on Creighton’s campus for six weeks of face-to-face instruction in preparation for the residency portion of the program. Continue taking courses online while applying theory to practice through an immersive teaching experience in a secondary school for a full academic school year. Learn by doing through extensive hands-on teaching supplemented by guidance from a teacher-mentor. Become well-prepared to effectively teach and encourage academic success in a secondary school classroom. Earn your initial teaching certificate as well as a master’s degree. Earn than a degree from a leader in education. Graduates of this program are able to advance their careers and take on new professional roles in education. Through this accelerated, hybrid program, you’ll earn your master’s degree from Creighton as well as your teaching certificate.

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University of Nebraska at Kearney : $12,930

Wayne State College : $7,965

University of Nebraska at Omaha : $14,125

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Stanford University : $50,703

Kent State University at Kent : $21,524

Marquette University : $20,340

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San Ignacio University : $21,420

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