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Interns must have at least 60 credit hours, completed appropriate coursework and have a minimum GPA of 2.5 prior to registering for academic credit.

Computer Science

Whatever your dreams in game development, Drury game development program can help make them a reality. This cutting edge program helps prepare graduates for careers in game development and or graduate work in digital media.

The bachelor of science in computer science: game development is designed for those wishing to find positions as game developers or to pursue graduate work in either computer science or a related digital media program. It is one component of Drury’s media production program. The program requires a core of computer science courses (23 hours) covering essential elements of the Computer Science Body of Knowledge that all computer science graduates must master. In addition to the core computer science courses, 15 additional hours of computer science course work in game development is required. An additional 12 hours of supporting course work from media arts courses is required, along with 11 hours of mathematics.

Students may not pursue both the bachelor of science in computer science-game development and the bachelor of science in computer science-software engineering.

Prerequisite: Two years of high school algebra. An introduction to computer science through applications such as media. A major component is programming design and development using a language such as Python or Java. A disciplined approach to problem solving methods and algorithm development will be stressed using top-down design and stepwise refinement. Topics included are syntax and semantics, I O, control structures, modularity, data types, and object-oriented programming.

Prerequisite: CSCI 282, MATH 232, MATH 235. An examination of the development of 3-dimensional games using a game engine. Topics include basic 3D computer graphics, the graphics pipeline, 3D game scripting, game development using a game engine, physic engines, incorporating external models and media. This course includes a 3D game development project.

Exciting New Programs in Math and Computer Science

Exciting New Programs in Math and Computer Science.

Drury now offers a Bachelor of Science Degree in Computer Game Development. This new major will prepare students to be software engineers who specialize in developing the highly interactive types of software that we now see in modern computer games. Majors will team up with computer graphics students, architecture students, music students, writing students and others to develop, build, and test large-scale game projects.

We also offer a Bachelor of Science Degree in Computer Science Software Engineering. Students who opt for this B.S. will find themselves immersed in the theory and practice of software development. They, too, will develop large-scale software projects, and we look for them to continue Drury’s reputation for producing award-winning research in computer science.

Drury has also just added a minor in Actuarial Science and Risk Management, open only to math majors. Actuarial Scientist, or Actuary, consistently ranks among the best careers in terms of financial compensation, job security, and job satisfaction. Our minor will prepare graduates for entry level positions in this field.

These programs are in addition to the highly successful majors and minors already being offered in the department: Bachelor of Arts in Mathematics, and Bachelor of Arts in Mathematics for Secondary Education, along with minors in applied computer science and in mathematics.

Computer and Information Sciences is projected to grow 12 percent from 2016 to 2026, faster than average for all occupations Median pay for Computer and Information Sciences in 2018 was 135800$. The number of jobs were 352510.

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