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The purpose of this website is to facilitate the collection, tracking, review, and approval of Content Area Reviews (i.e., prerequisite content coursework) required by the College of Education and Human Development state-approved programs. Secondary Education (History Social Sciences, English, Science, Mathematics, Computer Science). Note to applicants interested in Early Childhood Education PK-3: Although not required for admission into the Early Childhood Education for Diverse Learners Master program, applicants interested in pursuing licensure are urged to complete a content coursework review for Early Childhood Education PK-3 as early as possible. A content coursework review is required to apply for the secondary Graduate Certificate Program in Early Childhood Education (i.e. the licensure component). Since the internship application must be submitted in the semester prior to the actual internship (please visit Student Clinical Practice for deadlines), please make an appointment to meet with the Pre-Education Advising Coordinator and plan the completion of these requirements accordingly. Please enter the minimum number of courses required. The Pre-Education Advising Coordinator conducts a course-by-course review and may add coursework deemed appropriate. Everyone (including transfers from NVCC and GMU students) MUST submit legible copies (unofficial are fine) from ALL institutions attended, showing coursework with grades. Please be advised that the initial review may take up to two weeks for processing once all documents have been received in our office. Please note that individuals applying to the PK-6 and Secondary programs MUST be within 9 credits of completing requirements before entering the desired program. A plan must be approved by the Pre-Education Advising Coordinator and indicated on the worksheet prior to application for admission, if not within 9 credits at time of application to the graduate program. The Admissions Office will NOT process applications without this plan in place.

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Bluefield College : $8,520

University of Lynchburg : $9,922

Hollins University : $16,176

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University of Houston : $17,463

University of Wisconsin-Madison : $24,054

University of Washington-Seattle Campus : $27,801

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Humboldt State University : $16,680

Louisiana State University and Agricultural & Mechanical College : $9,132

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