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Georgia Institute of Technology - An Overview

The Georgia Institute of Technology, commonly known as Georgia Tech, is a prestigious public research university located in Atlanta, Georgia. Established in 1885, it is one of the oldest and most prestigious universities in the country. Georgia Tech offers a wide variety of degree programs in six colleges, including fields such as engineering, computer science, science, business, design, and liberal arts. Recognized for its commitment to academic rigor and innovation, Georgia Tech is among the top engineering schools and engineering institutes around the world. It attracts a diverse student body and provides many opportunities to participate in a variety of extracurricular activities and research endeavors.


Georgia Tech holds a strong position in global higher education rankings. According to Times Higher Education, it is ranked 38th among universities worldwide. In addition, US News & World Report places Georgia Tech at 44th in its rankings. These accolades reflect the university's commitment to academic excellence and its standing as a leading institution in engineering and technology education.

Schools Under the Georgia Institute of Technology

Georgia Institute of Tech has a total of 6 colleges with various no. of schools and units present under them. These six colleges are: 

  1. College of Computing
  2. College of Design
  3. College of Engineering
  4. College of Sciences
  5. Ivan Allen College of Liberal Arts
  6. Scheller College of Business

Some Notable faculty who taught at the Georgia Tech

  1. Jean-Lou Chameau - Civil engineering - Georgia Tech's Provost (2001-2006); President of California Institute of Technology (2006-present)
  2. Richard DeMillo - Computer Science - Dean of the College of Computing (2003-2008); former director of the Georgia Tech Information Security Center
  3. Don Giddens - Aerospace engineering - Dean of the College of Engineering (2007-2011)
  4. George C. Griffin - Civil engineering - Dean of Men (1946-1964); known as "Mr. Georgia Tech"
  5. Gary S. May - Electrical and Computer Engineering - Dean of the College of Engineering (2011-present)
  6. Robert C. Michelson - Georgia Tech Research Institute & Aerospace Engineering - Principal Research Engineer Emeritus (GTRI) and Adj. Assoc. Professor (AE); progenitor of the field of aerial robotics
  7. Mark Guzdial - Computer Science - the original developer of the CoWeb (Swiki), one of the earliest wiki engines

Notable Alumni at Georgia Tech

  1. Joy Buolamwini - 2012 Rhodes Scholar, 2012 Fulbright Fellow (Zambia)
  2. Jerome M. Cooper - 1952 FAIA, 1956 Fulbright Scholar at Sapienza University of Rome; architect
  3. David Eger - 2003 Fulbright Scholar (Hungary)
  4. Jeremy Farris - 2004 Rhodes Scholar; won a best of category award at the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair for his discovery of a new pathogen for the invasive plant kudzu; American delegate to the 2000 Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation Science Forum
  5. Melissa McCoy - 2012 Rhodes Scholar; founder of Enterprise to Empower
  6. S. Alton Newton - 1950 Rhodes Scholar
  7. Andy Ozment - 2000 Marshall Scholar, 2001 Marshall Scholar

What is the acceptance rate at Georgia Tech?

The graduate acceptance rate at Georgia Tech is 36.6%. The online master's program at Georgia Tech is highly selective, with an acceptance rate of 18% and an early acceptance rate of 23.6%. Georgia Tech is ranked as the #35 Best National University, reflecting its competitive admissions process and high academic standards.

Statistics for the overall acceptance rate at Georgia Tech Class of 2022

Number of applicants - 50,601

Admitted - 8,602

Acceptance rate - 17%

Composition of Undergraduate Students

21.34% Acceptance Rate
40852 Students Applied
8719 Students got Accepted

An acceptance rate of 21.34% makes it moderately competitive to get admission.

Composition of Graduate Students

23210 Students Enrolled (On-campus & Online)
12993 Students enrolled exclusively in distance education
7342 Students enrolled in at least one distance education course
822 Students enrolled in top 5 Masters degree program
60 Total Graduate Programs Specialization
What is the admission policy at Georgia Institute of Technology-Main Campus?

Georgia Institute of Technology-Main Campus has an open admission policy. It will accept any student who applies.


Georgia Institute of Technology-Main Campus has been ranked 44


Acceptance Rate: 21.34%


Tuition for Graduate Programs: $31,334

Under Graduate Program Tuition: $33,964

Financial Aid

Average Amount of Financial Aid Awarded: $11,108

Average Amount of Institutional Aid Awarded: $11,452

Georgia Institute of Technology-Main Campus most popular Master's Degree programs with respect to student count are

  • Computer and Information Sciences : 1605
  • Electrical and Electronics Engineering : 395
  • Business Administration and Management -MBA : 275
  • Mechanical Engineering : 226
  • Aeronautics/Aviation Engineering : 141

Georgia Institute of Technology-Main Campus most popular under graduate programs with respect to student count are

  • Computer and Information Sciences : 706
  • Mechanical Engineering : 572
  • Industrial Engineering : 395
  • Business Administration and Management -MBA : 339
  • Bioengineering and Biomedical Engineering : 246