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Harvard University

Development Economics and International Development doctoral programs at Harvard University

Harvard University awarded 103 Doctoral degree in research/scholarship, 7 Doctoral degree in professional practice and 0 Doctoral degree in other fields in year 2022. Harvard Horizons celebrates the ideas and innovations of PhD students at Harvard and helps them gain essential professional skills. Each year, eight PhD candidates are chosen to receive in-depth, personalized mentoring and coaching designed to enhance their presentation skills. The program culminates in a symposium of brief, compelling talks where these scholars present their research from the Sanders Theatre stage. Scholars also participate in Expanded Horizons, a virtual conversation their research with a global audience of alumni and friends. As a GSAS PhD candidate, Harvard Horizons is a powerful opportunity for you to:. Receive up to $1,000 in professional development funds. All 15 finalists may access up to $1,000 of professional development funds. GSAS PhD students who have passed general examinations or the equivalent are encouraged to apply. It is best to be at the dissertation stage or far enough along with your work to have results or to be able to demonstrate that you have a promising line of research. In years past, successful candidates have tended to be in upper G-years and close to the defense stage. Your work should be able to be shared with the public. November degree candidates are not eligible to apply. The search committee is looking for the most compelling scholarship conducted by PhD students across all fields. Your goal in the application is to convince the committee that you are doing important work in your discipline. No, recommendation letters may be submitted up to one week after the application close date. Launched in 2013, the Harvard Horizons program recognizes the ideas and innovations of Harvard accomplished PhD students. These mentoring activities enrich the scholars' professional development and help them prepare for the Harvard Horizons Symposium, where each scholar delivers a five-minute talk from the stage of Sanders Theatre.