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Harvard University in total awarded Graduate Assistantship for 2221 students.

Assistantship in Teaching was awarded to 1300 Graduate Assistant students.

Assistantship in Research was awarded to 893 Graduate Assistant students.

Scholarship awards are based upon several factors, including the scale of the scholarship program, the amount of funds available each year, and the number of students deemed eligible for each scholarship. A CGS scholarship rarely covers a student’s full costs for an entire academic year. Restricted Scholarships are individual funds, usually endowment funds, created by alumni and other donors to support specific populations of students within the University. Please note that the funds managed by the Committee on General Scholarships are a varied group, and are in no way representative of all of the funds available at the University nor are they able to capture the many different populations that make up the University student body. In some instances, the Committee requires paper documentation to prove eligibility for a potential Restricted Scholarship award. Applicants for Restricted Scholarships may be asked to documentation to verify eligibility. Scholarships based on residency Residency means long-term residency, the bulk of a student’s childhood or approximately 10 years. Scholarships based on residency in the region or area of a particular city are restricted to students from that city’s metropolitan area. Scholarships based on ancestry A genealogical study completed by an accredited or certified genealogist and a birth certificate are required. Scholarships based on geographic ancestry Copies of the main pages of their ancestors’ passports from their native countries are required. Scholarships based on surname A birth certificate or adoption certificate is required to document surname. Scholarships based on religious memberships Letters from leaders of churches or synagogues or copies of documentation from those institutions will serve to document religious membership. Jack Meyer University Scholarship Fund Nominations should include specifics the student’s research plan, including previous study as well as intended courses or projects demonstrating their intentions.

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