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Johns Hopkins University GRE score and admission requirements for graduate programs in Health Professions

Johns Hopkins University requires GRE scores to be submitted for 42 Programs.

Johns Hopkins University gre score requirements for graduate programs are:

Please note that each individual applicant’s complete application will be considered before a final decision is given. Please keep in mind that each applicant’s complete application including their transcripts, letters of recommendation and other academic accomplishments will be considered before an admissions decision is made. Is there a minimum GPA There is no universal GPA needed to be considered for admission. Applicants should also send a list of current courses and any other courses that will be taken before beginning graduate study at Johns Hopkins that do not appear on their transcripts. If this is not the case, then transcripts must be provided. All applicants are considered on the basis of their credentials and application package. Departments do not share their admissions files with one another. Applicant will need to send us their ApplyYourself application ID for the first application and second application, and the university will verify their status and approve a waiver as appropriate. While doing this, the university application may warn applicant that applicant are creating a duplicate account but applicant should ignore the warning and proceed to create a new record for the next admissions cycle. If applicant do not know their registration number at the time applicant are applying please omit the question. As the university cannot open the application specifically for one person, it needs to be under these tight parameters so as to avoid any unintended applicants. Unfortunately, the application fee is nonrefundable. Their department will notify applicant directly once an admission decision has been made. Do applicant accept GRE scores that are than five years old If their scores are older than 5 years old, applicant will need to retake the test and send their updated results. Is the GRE required by all programs Are there any exceptions Most of the programs do require the GRE. Please review the appropriate department’s admission’s requirements to find out if there are any GRE exceptions. Do applicant accept TOEFL or IELTS scores that are than two years old once a score is older than two years it is no longer valid. Do applicant accept electronic transcripts If admitted, the Johns Hopkins University does accept and greatly encourage electronic transcripts sent directly to us from their institution. Deferred applicants generally need to simply touch base with their intended department to reactivate their application from last year. Generally, defers do not have to resubmit an application or pay the application fee. With only one departmental exception, all letters of recommendation MUST be submitted electronically through their ApplyYourself application. Do not send us a copy of their letter of recommendation if it will be or has been submitted electronically. If their recommender is having trouble with submitting their recommendation, it may be possible that they can ask a trusted colleague or staff member to assist them in submitting the recommendation through the system. Recommenders may only be deleted if they have not submitted a recommendation. Please federal financial aid recipients will not be eligible to register until the final transcripts have been received. To complete the form, it is necessary to understand tuition, housing and other living expenses. Following this verification and a review of the graduate student’s application for proof of proficiency in English , international students will be sent the appropriate Certificate of Eligibility. If applicant are a graduating student completing degree requirements prior to December 31st applicant may enroll for a half year only.

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