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3037 Students Awarded with Graduate Assistantships
1267 Students Awarded with Teaching Assistantships
1770 Students Awarded with Research Assistantships
1386 Graduate Assistantships Awarded to Female Students
1651 Graduate Assistantships Awarded to Male Students
1156 Graduate Assistantships Awarded to International Students

Genetics and Genome Sciences Program Financial Support


Graduate students at MSU's Genetics and Genome Sciences Program are financially supported through graduate assistantships and fellowships. The assistantships offer a competitive stipend, substantial tuition waivers, and health insurance. These financial supports aim to ease the financial burden on students and ensure they have the necessary resources to succeed in their academic endeavors.

Genetics & Genome Sciences Graduate Assistantships

Incoming graduate students in the BioMolecular Science Gateway are offered financial support in their first year through assistantships or fellowships. After choosing a lab for doctoral research, the student's major professor will secure ongoing financial support. The Genetics & Genome Sciences graduate assistantship includes a competitive stipend, a tuition waiver for up to nine credits per semester, and paid health insurance.

The benefits of the assistantship program include:

  • Students will get a competitive stipend
  • Up to a nine-credit tuition waiver per semester will be provided, three credits are considered full-time for graduate students on assistantships
  • Students will be given paid health insurance

Genetics & Genome Sciences Graduate Fellowships

  • Marvin Hensley Endowed Fellowship: The Marvin Hensley Endowed Fellowship is offered in the spring by the College to support environmental research. Eligible candidates are those pursuing a graduate degree in the College of Natural Science.
  • Barnett Rosenberg Fellowship in Biological Sciences: The Barnett Rosenberg Fellowship in Biological Sciences is an annual award provided by the College, which includes a stipend, health insurance, and a tuition waiver for one year. The fellowship is open for nominations in the spring and is aimed at advanced students at Michigan State University (MSU) who have demonstrated significant achievements. Recipients are typically on campus or plan to join MSU soon and are selected based on their distinguished accomplishments, aligning with the fellowship's goal to be a prestigious and distinctive honor.

Graduate Research Assistantship in Plant and Soil Ecology


Information about a 5-year Graduate Research Assistantship in Plant and Soil Ecology at Michigan State University’s Department of Forestry and Plant, Soil, and Microbial Sciences is found here:

  • The PhD student will be co-advised by multiple professors from various institutions and will lead a project on crop rotation effects on crop performance and yield through plant-soil feedback.
  • The work will involve field, greenhouse, and laboratory research.

Assistantship requirements:

Key requirements for the candidate include:

  • An undergraduate degree in plant/soil ecology or a related field,
  • Exceptional academic standing,
  • GRE and TOEFL scores (if applicable),
  • Experience in report-writing or drafting research articles,
  • Valid driver’s license by summer 2024.

Most preferred candidates for the Assistantship:

Preference will be given to applicants:

  • With a Master's degree,
  • Background in soil and plant microbiology,
  • Experience in molecular techniques,
  • Field/greenhouse studies,
  • Statistical analyses, and peer-reviewed publications.

Assistantship benefits:

  • The assistantship includes a bi-weekly stipend, first-year stipend will be $31,366,
  • A tuition waiver for up to nine credits per semester in the fall and spring and five credits during the summer,
  • An out-of-state tuition waiver for extra credits,
  • Enrollment in the University's graduate health insurance plan.
  • Additional funding sources are available, and students will be assisted in seeking this funding.

In summary, the Graduate Research Assistantship in Plant and Soil Ecology at Michigan State University offers a comprehensive 5-year program for a PhD student, including a substantial stipend, tuition waivers, and health insurance. The program seeks a highly qualified candidate with a strong background in plant/soil ecology or related fields and provides opportunities for extensive research and additional funding sources.

Athletic training Graduate assistantships at MSU


Information about Athletic Training Graduate Assistantships's responsibilities at Michigan State University (MSU) is as follows:


These assistantships involve various responsibilities, including:

  • Providing sports medicine services to MSU intercollegiate athletic teams,
  • Teaching Kinesiology (KIN) courses (especially first aid),
  • Offering athletic training services to local high schools.

Interested individuals should contact Dr. Tracey Covassin for more details.

The performance of each athletic training GA is evaluated at least annually by Dr Covassin and the supervisor of the assigned athletic training facility, based on the:

  • Fulfilment of assistantship duties,
  • Maintenance of athletic training skills and Certifications,
  • Professional demeanour.

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