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Biotechnology graduate certificate programs at Northeastern University

Designed in response to a need in the biotechnology industry for individuals with a biotechnology background to obtain a strong foundation in the business aspects of biotechnology. Students enrolled in the enterprise graduate certificate will improve their business competency, enabling them to better manage a team or move into a business-orientated roll. Stackable certificates consist of four or five courses totaling 12 s.h. credits. The certificate may serve as a gateway to the MS in Biotechnology program. Individuals who successfully complete a certificate can MS in Biotechnology program and if accepted, apply all credits toward the degree program. All programs can be performed on ground in Boston. Some can be performed entirely online. The multi-billion dollar biotechnology industry is diverse, growing, and filled with opportunity. The result is an ongoing expansion of career opportunities on every level and in every industry sector, from large pharmaceutical operations to entrepreneurial biotechnology start-ups. Get advice on the program that right for you. Degree earned or in progress at a U.S. institution. Degree earned or in progress at an institution where English is the only medium of instruction. Northeastern signature experiential learning model combines academics with professional practice to help students acquire relevant, real-world skills they can ir desired industry. Each program offers its own unique experiential learning opportunities, but they might include:. MS in Bioengineering Concentration: Systems, Synthetic, and Computational Bioengineering.