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Crisis/Emergency/Disaster Management graduate certificate programs at Northeastern University

The Graduate Certificate in Emergency Management provides an in-depth understanding of the challenges and policies involved with all-hazards, all-threats emergency response and planning. Evaluating crisis planning strategies and real-world scenarios using national frameworks such as the National Incident Management System and National Response System, students will understand and apply the roles and responsibilities of leaders at all levels of government, business, community, and organization. Scenario-based approaches, case studies, and analyzing real-world incidents throughout the phases of response will include current and emerging threats, both man-made and natural, and the principles of critical infrastructure protection. Technology tools such as GIS are incorporated with communication, risk management, and disaster response scenarios, enabling students to apply critical-thinking skills and land security and emergency management principles to real-world contingencies. Certificate course credits are transferable to the Master of Arts in land Security. Program is designed to fulfill a portion of the education and training needed for students to certify under the Certified Emergency Manager (or lower AEM) program, the U.S. industry standard certification program for professional emergency managers. Assess and implement response and planning mechanisms for emergency management across the sectors of government and business communities. Understand and evaluate the U.S. emergency management system, including how communities mitigate against, respond to, and recover from all disaster events as well as the U.S. involvement for international disaster response contingencies. Analyze, critique, and develop planning strategies based on existing real-world contingencies using the land Security and the Federal Emergency Management Agency guidelines for U.S. protection and resilience for communities and organizations. Understand and evaluate the roles and authorities of federal, state, and local agencies as well as emergency management and disaster response while developing ways to positively advance security in partnership with the many levels of authority responsible to include private sector operations.
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