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Physician Assistant Graduate program Tuition for in state students $24,027
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Physician Assistant Studies and Health Informatics, MS MS Northeastern University

The Northeastern University health informatics and physician assistant combined program allows qualified and interested students to achieve their goal of obtaining a robust understanding of healthcare technology while also completing robust clinical training in the physician assistant program. This prepares a select group of exceptionally qualified clinicians to become leaders in healthcare technology application and development and fosters interdisciplinary collaboration in order to address problems in the healthcare and health information environments both locally and across the globe. The joint program is designed to provide students a greater understanding of technological issues in clinical practice, quantitative methods, and the use of scientific evidence and cutting-edge technology to optimize clinical workflows and improve patient outcomes.

This dual degree takes 34 months to complete (as opposed to 48, if each degree were pursued separately), and a total number of 8 credits are shared between both degrees.

Learning Outcomes

Outcomes for the Health Sciences Major Upon satisfactory completion of the Health Sciences Program, Graduates should be able to:.

Utilize knowledge of the principles and processes of the basic sciences and the scientific method in their completion of basic science courses, co-op and other experiential learning, and post-baccalaureate job placement and graduate program admission.

In additional to general education purpose, Graduate Exercise Science Program seeks to assist students in meeting the following learning goals with associated student learning outcomes:.

Learning Outcome 2.2: Integrate and exercise science principles to design and conduct a research study.

All graduates fulfill the competencies that guide the MPH Program.

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Medical knowledge includes the synthesis of pathophysiology, patient presentation, differential diagnosis, patient management, surgical principles, health promotion, and disease prevention. Physician assistant students must demonstrate core knowledge established and evolving biomedical and clinical sciences and the application of this knowledge to patient care in their area of practice. In addition, physician assistant students are expected to demonstrate an investigative and analytic thinking approach to clinical situations. Physician assistant students are expected to develop the requisite medical knowledge proficiencies during their graduate education to understand, evaluate, and the following to clinical scenarios:.

Interpersonal and communication skills encompass the verbal, nonverbal, written, and electronic exchange of information. Physician assistant students must demonstrate interpersonal andcommunication skills that result in effective information exchange with patients, patients’ families, physicians,professional associates, and other individuals within the health care system. Physician assistant students are expected to develop the requisite interpersonal and communication skills proficiencies during the course of their graduate education to:.

Accurately and adequately document information regarding care for medical, legal, quality, and financial purposesupon completion of the program.

Patient care includes patient and setting-specific assessment, evaluation, and management. Physician assistant students must demonstrate care that is effective, safe, high quality, and equitable. Physician assistant students are expected to develop the requisite patient care proficiencies during their graduate education to:.

Professionalism is the expression of positive values and ideals as care is delivered. Foremost, it involves prioritizing the interests of those being served above one’s own. Physician assistant students mustacknowledge their professional and personal limitations. Professionalism also requires that PA students practice without impairment from substance abuse, cognitive deficiency or mental illness. Physician assistant students must demonstrate a high level of responsibility, ethical practice, sensitivity to a diverse patient population, and adherence to legal and regulatory requirements. Physician assistant students are expected to develop the requisite professionalism skill proficiencies during the course of their graduate education to demonstrate:.

Physician Assistant is projected to grow 37 percent from 2016 to 2026, much faster than average for all occupations Median pay for Physician Assistant in 2018 was 101480$. The number of jobs were 104050.

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