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Pennsylvania State University-Main Campus GRE score and admission requirements for graduate programs in Biology, Biomedical and Biological Sciences

Pennsylvania State University-Main Campus requires GRE scores to be submitted for 49 Programs.

Pennsylvania State University-Main Campus gre score requirements for graduate programs are:

Applicants should have a junior senior grade-point average of 3.50 , although exceptions may be made for students with special backgrounds, abilities, and interests. Scores from the Graduate Record Examinations Aptitude Tests are required for admission. Applicants must also submit three letters of recommendation, a writing sample indicating their ability to do analytical or original work, and a statement of their professional goals.

For admission, M.A. students should have strong backgrounds in English courses: 18 credits beyond freshman composition are a minimum, but the department prefers at least 24 credits.

For admission into the M.F.A. program, students must have a baccalaureate degree , a portfolio of publishable student writing, and the intention to pursue a career as a professional writer.

Students enrolled in the English Department can for admission to the dual-title degree prior to taking the qualifying exam.

To qualify for the dual-title degree, students must satisfy the degree requirements for the Ph.D. in English.

Because students must first be admitted to a graduate major program of study before they may to and be considered for admission into a dual-title graduate degree program, dual-title graduate degree students may require an additional semester to fulfill requirements for both areas of study and, therefore, the qualifying examination may be delayed one semester beyond the normal period allowable.

To qualify for the dual-title degree, students must satisfy the degree requirements for the degree they are enrolled in English.

Applications typically will be filed during the 5th or 6th semesters of study, and applicants must have achieved a minimum of 60 credits and a 3.3 overall GPA and 3.6 GPA in English to begin the program.

Students will be expected to maintain a minimum overall GPA of 3.3 for all course work and a GPA of 3.6 in English courses throughout the IUG program of study. If the GPA is not 3.3 or higher in general course work and 3.6 or higher in English course work after that term, the student will be dropped from the IUG.

Up to 12 credits may be double-counted towards the degree requirements for both the graduate and degrees a minimum of 50% of the double-counted courses must be at the 500 or 800 level.

GRE Quantitative : -

GRE Verbal : -

GRE Analytical : -


Biology, Biomedical and Biological Sciences

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